Living a Lie, the Truth About Us

We've told you of our desire to become more open, honest and fully truthful with you. This communication is another small step in fulfilling that intention. (Please see below for some important definitions)1

Although we do not wish to face many of the uncomfortable facts which we have purposefully suppressed, we do realize that as an organization, we have been living a lie. The cost of that lie, we now realize, has been far greater than we could have imagined, and the continued living of that lie is an overt that we commit on a daily basis. Yes, even we, with all the technology at our disposal, commit overts.

Committing overts is not restricted to those with a reactive mind or to those with poor ethical standards. Overts can be, and are, committed by organizations as well.

Facing this uncomfortable fact, we have come to realize that our organization has exhibited the same behaviour as that of someone with a reactive mind. Our entire effort of clearing this planet has been in error - we should have been concentrating on clearing ourselves first. The question was raised: "How can we hope to clear the planet, when we ourselves are working from an aberrated basis?"

The answer is simple. One reactive mind cannot, and never will, be able to handle other reactive minds. We must desire to free ourselves before we can free others.

The lie that we have been living is one of superiority and a "better than others" mentality. Someone without a reactive mind has no need to feel "superior" and "better than others", for that would be the reactive mind talking. We publicly admit to the fact that our reactive mind has been doing the talking for us. We also admit that we have expended large amounts of time and effort in covering that fact up. Out of this type of illogical thinking came such directives as:

Living a lie is not a recommended path to higher spiritual goals and ideals. We know from experience. We also know from experience that you get what you desire - whether you consciously know it or not.

Once we fully and truthfully examined this aspect of our organization, we realized that all the perceived threats and attacks from the general public came from a common cause. Our reactive mind was fighting for survival, and so we fought with all "outsiders". We were attempting to protect that which we set about to destroy.

We have not done our job. We have freed no one because we have not yet freed ourselves. This is why, amid all the claims to the contrary, we cannot and never will, be fully able to demonstrate the power and responsibility of someone being an "OT". We can never do this until one very important event occurs - we stop living the lie and free ourselves.

Theta attracts theta. Entheta attacks entheta.

It is our public wish to become theta. Theta the problem solver, not theta the problem creator.

Join us in freeing ourselves, so that we may clear the planet together. A planet where reactive control is neither needed nor wanted. A place where theta can attract theta.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International

* * *

BASIC LIE, the basic lie is that a consideration which was made was not made or that it was different. (PXL, p. 181)

LIE, 1. a second postulate, statement or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain. (PXL, p. 180) 2. a statement that a particle having moved did not move, or a statement that a particle not having moved, did move. (PXL, p. 180) 3. an alteration of time, place, event and form. (PXL, p. 187) 4. invention with a bad connotation. (PAB 49)

MISSED OVERT, a done, that people didn't find out about. (SH Spec 181, 6208C07)

OVERT ACT, 1. an overt act is not just injuring someone or something; an overt act is an act of omission or commission which does the least good for the least number of dynamics or the most harm to the greatest number of dynamics. (HCO PL 1 Nov 70 III) 2. an intentionally committed harmful act committed in an effort to resolve a problem. (SH Spec 44, 6410C27) 3. that thing which you do which you aren't willing to have happen to you. (lSH ACC 10, 6009C14)

REACTIVE MIND, 1. a portion of a person's mind which works on a totally stimulus-response basis, which is not under his volitional control, and which exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions. Stored in the reactive mind are engrams, and here we find the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills. (Scn 0-8, p. 11) 2. comprises an unknowing, unwanted series of aberrated computations which bring about an effect upon the individual and those around him. It is an obsessive strata of unknown, unseen, uninspected data which are forcing solutions, unknown and unsuspected, on the individual - which tells you why it remained hidden from man for so many thousands of years. (Scn 0-8, p. 11) 3. is basically that area of occlusion which the pc is unable to contact and which contains within itself a total identification of all things with all things, and until released into the realm of knowingness continues to react upon the person compelling him into actions, dramatizations and computations which are not optimum to his or anyone else's survival. ( SH Spec 35, 6108C08) 4. the reactive mind is a stimulusresponse mechanism, ruggedly built, and operable in trying circumstances. The reactive mind never stops operating. Pictures of the environment, of a very low order, are taken by this mind even in some states of unconsciousness. The reactive mind acts below the level of consciousness. It is the literal stimulus-response mind. Given a certain stimulus it gives a certain response. (FOT, p. 58) 5. once called the "unconscious" mind. It is a tough, rugged mind which is alert during any moment of life, regardless of the presence of pain, and which records everything with idiotic faithfulness. It stores up the entheta and enmest of an accident with all the perceptics (sense messages) present during the unconsciousness resulting from the accident. (SOS, p. 9) 6. once known as the "unconscious mind", but this terminology is highly misleading, because the reactive mind is the mind which is always conscious. (SOS, Bk. 2, p. 182) 7. also known as the R6 bank. (HCOB 12 Jul 65)

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