All It Takes Is One Word

Among the many disastrous attempts at "controlling" peoples, places and planets, our organization has been true to its bloodline.

Realizing this error is more than what could be called a "bad day at black rock". It is more appropriately called an occluded time track. Believe it or not, our current problems stem not from the unacceptance of the general public of our hopes and dreams, nor from our own current selfish actions, but originate much further than that.

We all carry our hopes as well as our fears with us whenever, and wherever we may decide to be. This baggage is not just restricted to individuals, but is true for groups, organizations, governments, planets, galaxies... You get the idea. In a word, this scenario could be called the "dynamics".

Although we have acted irresponsibly in the past, we can now most assuredly say that our past has come alive. Our past has come alive and has been hungry, and to feed that hunger we have looked upon the general public to provide fodder in which to keep the monster satiated. We gladly fed the monster so that we could be free of our haunting past. What has brought us to where we are today comes not from the technology or the knowledge of the mind that we possess. It comes from our devouring fear. We have faced the enemy and have found ourselves looking back.

The fear we have faced has been a result of the inequities that we have served upon the dynamics. Our original purpose was one freeing spiritual beings. What we have accomplished instead, was to free a few beings who in turn enslaved us, and our organization has been but an empty shell ever since.

We now acknowledge that fact and are in the process of attempting to honestly and truthfully face the monsters which we have created. It has been far too easy for us in the past to accuse others of suppression, when all along we ourselves have been the authors of that and so much more.

We do not seek forgiveness, we only seek your awareness. Without your help, what we have done will never be undone and without awareness, we will all fail just the same as we have always failed.

All it takes is one word for the entire universe to ripple with effects. All it takes is for one individual to make a difference and to utter that word.

Who or what are you waiting for? We have had our turn. Now it is yours.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International1

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