Sex, Lies and Videotape

You thought we had it all. A promise to gain freedom, a promise of being fully accepted as one of us, a promise of ethical truth. We may have entirely failed in these promises, but we would like you to know that these promises are not limited to our organization. Individual people can, and do, make these types of promises on a consistent basis, and for the same purpose that we have historically employed these terms.

We acknowledge that our promises have been of little substance. Once we came face to face with this evil within us, we were then able to see that many people, as a direct result of our actions, have taken the task of dramatizing those very same unhealthy qualities. We can now truthfully warn you that what you have come to hate about us, has come to appear among you.

As we clean out the clutter and cobwebs within our organizations, we recognize that our insight into the spiritual realm becomes greater and greater. Only through facing our own evil can we be truly free. This is what has prompted us to re-invent ourselves and become something much greater than what we had previously marketed ourselves to be.

In an earlier message we made known the fact that one reactive mind cannot, and never will, clear another reactive mind. Through our efforts of self re-evaluation, we have come to see that the dramatizations that are occurring in the general public, are a direct result of our dramatizing those very same qualities. Current events has proven this to be so.

A promise to gain freedom. We once made that promise. Now there are people in the general public who make that very same promise. Where we promised freedom from suffering and pain, there are others who now promise freedom from the suffering and pain of our organization. To be free from the "church" is their claim, but their motives are derived from the same source as ours.

A promise to be fully accepted. We put forth the idea that once you join us, then you become one of us. There are now those among you who utter those same words. They wish for you to join them in their pursuit of destruction. They wish to destroy, not an organization, but the self made nightmares that they hide within themselves. Destroying an organization only gives physical form to the enduring nightmares that just never seem to go away. Can you see that once the organization is destroyed, these very same people will then find another convenient target? We can now honestly say that we have experience in this aberrated game. We wish it to stop for all of us.

A promise of ethical truth. When people begin to toy with the destructive wishes of others, the game for everyone suddenly becomes much more intense. Intense means that it becomes more concentrated, and anything that becomes more concentrated becomes less spiritual. Is this the way of freedom?

During your public encounters, please remember that when your attention is on a single thought, effort or action, there will always be someone there to take advantage of the situation. Determined thought, effort or action inhibits awareness and that is what some beings in this universe thrive upon. We know. We want you to know too.

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