You Honor Us With Your Actions

Our last public message titled "SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE" has received an honorable mention by our rouge OSA agents - the very same ones who were discussed in an earlier message titled "ROGUE AGENTS: OSA OPERATIVES". We thank these agents for their diligence and determination, but please take note of this communication: "Stand Down".

As we undergo our reorganization, there will continue to be disruptions created purposefully by those who seek to carry out their own personal agenda. This is evidenced by the fact that certain Internet newsgroups continue to be deluged with frivolous and unrelated messages in an obvious attempt at stopping, not only our honest and truthful disclosure, but those of others as well.

When stopping something becomes more important than creating something, much can be determined as to the state of case.

Additionally, these rouge agents are determined to get their communication across. Although the frivolous messages that they are using for communication seem pointless, the actual communication is occurring on a deeper level, as is these communications to you.

In less than twenty minutes, these OSA agents produced frivolous messages, using the identical subject line, in an attempt to block our communication.

In our pursuit of truth and honesty, we may encounter those who wish to stop any and all efforts made by others. This is not a new nor an original idea, but one which has endured the ages. The fight against truth can only be won when everyone is overwhelmed with lies.

This is not what we ultimately desire. What about you?

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroups and alt.religion.scientology using the identity 'Public Relations'. See About Scienotology Public Relations for more information. 

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