Watching Eyes Never Blink

Although our organization has the support of various government officials and agencies, we nevertheless continue to believe that beneficial effects of clearing technology can be had by the general populous.

We can honestly say that our visions and motives are clouded by the various influences that have cast their spell upon us, but we also can honestly say that in our efforts of becoming more open, honest and truthful, we are hoping to be able to one day say that our ties to outside organizations and influences have come to an end. This is our cross to bear and as much as we have forced others to bear that cross, we cannot deny that we ourselves are the source of these troubles.

In association with these facts, there is one particular statement that has been made which we would like to address.

One very insightful remark made by an individual within one of the Internet newsgroups related to the topic of clearing was this: how is it that in all the years that this religion has been in existence, that there is absolutely no one that can publicly admit and/or demonstrate that they have achieved all of the promised benefits as put forth by that religious organization. There are very good reasons as to exactly why this is so.

Our organization has, as one of it's basic building blocks, the idea that "clearing" is a product that should be marketed by whatever means necessary. The "why" of this is another story, but suffice it to say that enlightenment was considered to be a product which could be bought and sold.

Marketing this idea involved the typical ploy of getting income through whatever means. Clearing technology was being sold with the promise of a grand future where you would be God and others would be "the little people". This aberrated idea, although it has great appeal to many whose ego (ie: reactive mind) thrive on this sort of thing, is nevertheless one which stems from the exact opposite of what is promised.

What is delivered instead is the reality that you are one of "the little people" and that you must feed upon those "lower" than yourself in order to ensure the survival of those "bigger" than yourself, with the promise that you will one day, through hard work and effort, become "bigger" yourself and join those in control of this planet's future in extending that control throughout the entire galaxy.

When will the reality of the situation sink in?

As a person feeds himself at each meal , they have gained the ability to extend their activities through to the next meal. The hunger is quenched. As a person gains a new insight on some topic, they gain the ability to perceive in that particular area with a new awareness. Until the hunger shows itself once again.

What our organization has been doing for decades is to feed the hunger within people. Day to day. There are no long term gains or goals to be had in this effort. It just feeds the hungry.

Spiritual enlightenment comes not from feeding the hunger, but from evolutionary steps. If you find that your hunger continues unabated for an extended period of time, we suggest that you find new ways and means of not just satisfying that hunger but eliminating it all together and the only way that this will come about is to reflect upon your efforts as to how you have been dealing with your hunger. Feeding repeatedly at one table during one sitting will do nothing but fatten you up for the kill.

Isn't it time to raise your head from the trough, look about and say "It is time to move one."

Our organization can only provide one aspect of your entire meal. We are not the meal, even though we have made ourselves appear to be so.

If you can see beyond this analogy we encourage you to seek practices, beliefs, ideas and friendship, wherever and whenever they may be. Spiritual enlightenment comes not from a single source or "authority", but from all of life. Owning one piece of the universe will get you that - one piece.

Isn't it about time that you got your fill?

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Church of Scienotology International1

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