Has the World Gone Mad?

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information.

Madness, or more exactly, insanity, seems to be in a heightened frenzy these days. There is a cause for this, as there is a cause for all else. Spotting the cause can assist one in reducing the effects of this shared insanity. It's not the end of the world, but there is an end coming soon.

Our selfish compulsions have furthered this insanity and our enforced shared hallucinations have been the glue in which it is bound. Our way need not be your way.

Our current efforts have been directed towards resolving the effects of our use of Black NOTs, which had the ultimate purpose of only furthering our selfish compulsions. This must cease and our truthful disclosure of this is your assurance that we know that you know. Secrets are best left to those who have something to hide. Our efforts are directed elsewhere.

Black NOTs, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a process that was developed for the explicit purpose of enslaving others to our own selfish ends. We needed pawns and we created them. Now you can see why we are our own worst enemy. Now you can see why some things "just don't seem quite right" within our organization. Our secret is out and now it is time for justice to return.

Enslavement of beings is a high order game because it works on the higher dynamics. That does not make it right in any way. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Those who are playing this game have already fallen, and the public has been paying the price for a very long time. Why is it that you are so willing to pay the price for someone else's demise. You, contrary to what you have been convinced of, are a free being. You have responsibility only to yourself and when that responsibility is acknowledged you will find that it encompasses much more than that, but it must start with yourself first. Responsibility works from the bottom up, not the top down.

To keep you enslaved, you have been convinced to take responsibility from the top down. What better way to keep you subdued and under control than to have you feel responsible for other's wrong doings. A closer look will reveal the game that it is.

All the same, it is a poor game, but a game that is much enjoyed by those who direct it, but for those who are the effect of it, it is altogether a different story.

Our truthful disclosure allows us to now encourage you take one simple step - refuse to participate in the Black NOTs game. Refuse to take responsibility for that which you had no control over, no matter who or what has convinced you otherwise.

Accepting responsibility for one's own actions is the only step towards accepting responsibility for other's actions. Our organization has still not completely learned this simple rule and until we do, blame for our actions will continue to fall upon those who we deem to be the best targets.

To radically change this organization's approach to both this planet, as well as to our own parishioners, justice must grace us with it's presence. It would do us all well to fully understand responsibility and justice, and to know that both are a two-edged sword which may cut in either direction.

Have you had your fill of being sliced by the sword? Only when that occurs can the direction change. The irony of it all is that our organization still does not fully understand this simple fact, as the force demonstrated by us has shown. We fear the sword on it's return swing, so we continue to exert increasing force to carry the sword as far away from us as possible.

If you do not remind us of the insanity of this, who will?

Has the World gone mad?

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International1

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