Where Did We Go Wrong?

This is another message in our continuing series of truthful, public disclosure.

Wrongness and rightness are terms that are relative and in that relativity there exists much room for exploration. We have explored much in the years past and can now say that instead of continuously expanding the bounds of rightness, we have slowly succumbed to expanding the alternative in a feeble attempt of convincing ourselves of the "rightness" of our actions.

Where have we gone wrong? When our organization became overwhelmed with the urge to combat "wrongness" we fell into the same trap that mankind has repeatedly fallen into. Our own convictions became stronger than "reality". Or so we thought.

Reality is a common area in which we all have decided to participate. Our mistake has been to believe that we are "much better" than the rest and to use that self-deluded power to our own ends. What we have come to realize is that change cannot be created by the simple fact of deciding to give ourselves the power to do so. It goes much deeper than that.

In addition, because our motives have been entirely selfish, our actions have been entirely selfish. The ultimate goal in which our organization is treading a path to, is one of domination and control. But the organization is not the enemy.

There are those within the organization that have successfully dominated and now control all aspects of both the organization and the religion.

Destroying the organization will not destroy the individuals. These "select few" play their games of domination very well. Even if the organization, but some totally unexpected event, were to be destroyed, these individuals would just continue to play the same game. The only difference being the organization. Another organization would become the tool through which they would continue to wreak their destruction upon the "unsuspecting".

Even though you may have come to believe that our organization can never, and will never, change - it is not so. The upheaval that we are forced to deal with is met with silent rebellion, and as that silence runs it's course, you can be sure that the repercussions could never be silenced.

Attacking our organization, with it's many safety features in place, is futile. To do so is to play into the hands of the forewarned. Attacking the responsible individuals within the organization can only be the correct action. With change comes innovation. With innovation, the future is warmly received.

Don't wait for the future to personally come to you. When it does, it is never what it is imagined to be. To expect the future is to know the future.

There are those within our organization that welcome the future that you seek. We cannot create the much needed organizational innovation without your forward-looking wishes and actions. The road to success is littered with corpses. Let's begin to litter the road with those individuals who justly deserve such states of being1.

The future awaits us all. All we must do to attain that future is to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International2

  1. We do not advocate inappropriate actions, but we do seek a more clear path to fully reforming both our organization, and those responsible for it's destruction nature. Spiritual freedom is a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it. 

  2. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroups alt.clearing.technology and alt.religion.scientology using the identity 'Public Relations'. See About Scienotology Public Relations for more information. 

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