The Laws Of Justice

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthfull information.

Justice is not a new idea. It was not invented by our organization even though much has been written regarding this dangerous topic.


Yes, Justice is a dangerous concept - especially in the hands of those that we wish to deceive. It is a two-edged sword that unbiasedly slices in both directions. It can be fatal to those that put forth an unbridled effort in defining Justice as that which they themselves have solely defined.

This is a familiar aspect of our organization that we wish to now make known.

What is the Laws of Justice? According to our Earthly records, Justice is defined as "rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a deserved punishment or reward".

Do not confuse Justice with morals. Morals are contained within Justice, but Justice stands on it's own. There ARE times when morals must be ignored in the process of bringing about Justice, but it is always accomplished with keeping those morals in mind at all times.

Willfully breaking established regulations brings about oppression and in that oppression the seeds of the future are planted.

Do not confuse this idea with one of continuously suppressing established social patterns. That is not Justice, but merely a harmonic in a degraded form. Justice is swift and sure. Suppression is long and painful and will never last.

We do not advocate inappropriate actions. We do advocate Justice.

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