That Which We Resist, We Become

This is another message in our continuing series of truthful, public disclosure.

Recently, there appeared on several Internet newsgroups, a message from one of our former members. This message was a last ditch effort to open a communication line to an immediate family member that is still confined within the halls of our organization. The following is our open, public, apology to this poster for the harmful acts that we have perpetrated upon him and his family.

Our organization originally had the wonderful idea of making people's lives better. We strove in all areas to make this happen. Unfortunately, after a period of time, our own harmful acts got the better of us and forced us to alter our course and heading. We began to sail into the "suppressive" seas.

You see, even though our original intentions were open and honourable, our eyes eventually drifted from the horizon and settled upon the turbulence of the sea. Our attention was drawn to that which held us back. From that moment on, the struggle began and no longer was our goal to reach the horizon, it now concentrated upon how to get past the immediate turbulence that was upon us. Our total efforts were turned toward "handling" the immediate "problem".

We resisted the turbulence, and so we became the turbulence. In our organization the term for this is "valence1 shifting". We could not overcome our perceived obstacles, so we took for ourselves the "winning valence".

Whether it is a "winning valence" or a "losing valence" it makes little difference. Both are an aberration and a reflection of the inability to confront.

Until our organization has fully and completely accomplished the much needed effort of re-evaluating and correcting our mis-directed course, there will continue to be those of us who are "out of valence". We apologize for this grave technical error and recognize that without an ethics handling, this can never be corrected.

We now ask you for your help in assisting us in making all of the people in our organization accountable, and where needed, to enforce the proper ethics. This takes courage, but without your help, we will all continue to suffer.

We also wish to publicly apologize to the above mentioned poster. Breaking up and destroying the family unit was never our original intention; in fact, it was the complete opposite and only demonstrates just how far off course we really are. We wish to thank you, for bringing to light, this most unpleasant aspect of our organization and hope that others will be courageous enough to do the same.

We can never overcome that which we cannot confront. We encourage everyone to assist our organization in confronting that which we resist. Isn't it about time that we all left the turbulent seas?

The horizon is more than just a dream, it's a reality - but not without the assistance of your hand at the wheel.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International[^2]

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroups and alt.religion.scientology using the identity 'Public Relations'. See About Scienotology Public Relations for more information. 

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