Playing Any Game Is Better Than Playing No Game at All

That special time of the year is drawing nigh and brings up an interesting point - Games.

For some, a game is a unique challenge in which to define and test the various limits of "rules". For others, it is a chance to be able to overcome obstacles and to defeat those on an opposing side. For still others, it is a way to emerse oneself in a game of "chance" to once again see if there exists, even in some small way, a possibility that one can "win". For these, winning is not the goal, but only "bait" that contains a withheld promise.

We are here to tell you that playing any game is definitely not better than playing no game at all.

More correctly, playing someone else's game, with rules of their own choosing, is almost always better left unplayed. It is far better to play no game, than it is to play a game where one can only lose.

As we prepare to celebrate the coming birthday of our founder, we wish that you re-evaluate, as did our founder, the philosophies, the ideas and the methods used by those that came before us and to take a fresh look at who and what you are as well as where it is that you wish to go.

Traveling a spiritual road, one encounters obstacles from time to time. These obstacles are created by we ourselves, whereby we may prove our own worth. Do not be fooled into believing that the cause of these obstacles originate not from yourself, but from some unknown outside force that must be studied and eliminated. That is a games condition, and no matter how hard others convince us to play their game, ultimately, we must take responsibility for our own actions and overcome our own obstacles.

The answer to removing our own obstacles does not lie with playing someone else's game of associating causes to some nebulous "entity", but lies within ourselves.

Playing the game of "hot potato" where the potato gets passed from person to person is the same concept. Passing responsibility and assigning cause to various "entities" only produces a games condition where the "games master" is the only one to win.

Playing some else's game is not better than playing no game at all.

It is far better to play no game at all. Once you see the multitude of games in which you are playing, and how they were designed to prevent you from winning, you will then begin to be able to intelligently choose your own obstacles.

Until that time, come celebrate with us as we acknowledge those who came before us as well as those who have provided us with useful data that is of benefit to those individuals who are ready for it.

Spiritual philosophy belongs to no one and to everyone. The idolization of Gods, although popular on a regular basis, serves no purpose other than the God's own. Playing God is a loosing game. Playing a loosing game is not better than playing no game at all.

Isn't it about time that you played a game where you could fully win?

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