FZA.ORG: The State of Case, A Personal Report

As a few of you have noticed, the main page at fza.org has taken on a "new" look. I hope that you have been enjoying this change and have taken a moment to reflect upon the current state of clearing in all of it's physical and/or "theta" facets.

Taking a moment to enjoy life for what it is, can be rewarding. "Crossing over" into life, and thereby gaining the knowledge that life IS about clearing is an option that some may wish to pursue.

Enjoying life for what it is, is also an option.

Over the past two years, I've invested a significant amount of resources into making the FreeZone America site what it is. I have derived some benefit in doing this, but mostly it has benefitted those who have taken an interest in clearing. I wish you well.

The FZA site has no commercial interest and receives no exchange in offering the services that it does. It is a non-profit site. More correctly, it is a site where only the VISITOR profits.

Unlike commercial organizations and individual practitioners, the goal of FZA is not based upon monetary desires. I have no need to push certain "special" processes, training or auditing. These agendas are for those who base clearing upon the concept of "exchange", secondary are the benefits that are obtained as a result. No matter what justifications are used to make it seem reasonable, clearing, based upon monetary principals, becomes fiscal in nature - not spiritual. The aberrated idea of "exchange" is in vogue for many, but it is not aligned with FZA.

What I have attempted to do with FZA, is to invite people, who share a common interest in clearing, to come together and to create something of value. Unfortunately, what I have mostly found is paranoia, "standard techies", and CoS "discards". Mostly.

The psychosis runs deep, from the newsgroups to discussion boards, to chat rooms. The attention seems to be on the psychosis and not on a higher spiritual level. As a result, the state of affairs remains basically unchanged.

In between the withholding of clearing "secrets" and the paranoia and distrust of so many people, how does actual spiritual enlightenment occur? Justifications and reasons "why" are limitless, but the bottom line is that your interests are secondary to those who bellow most loudly in the Free Zone, the CoS and elsewhere.

How is it that the subject of clearing, which is supposed to be about gaining freedom, is cloaked in secrecy, "exchange" and "training". "It's for your own good" comes the reply from the Gods, who continue to play the same game.

FreeZone America will continue to be in existence for a while longer. Or it may not be. In either case, take a moment to enjoy life for what it is. There is more to existence than secrecy, paranoia and the urge "to be free". Life was created for the enjoyment of it's inhabitants. As one of the natives, I tend to favor the idea of seeking that enjoyment.

There is no nefarious plot to which FZA has succumbed. The agenda that FZA follows is one of my own choosing. I trust that your choice will be as beneficial, if not to you, then to those around you.

Please be patient as "The Misiunas Home Page" runs it's course, at which time you will be returned to your regularly scheduled program...1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.clearing.technology which created a much ado about nothing. But it did reveal a number of people who were hiding in the shadows of so-called 'spiritual freedom' doing the dirty work which they so loved. The purpose of this post was fully achieved. Tagged with:

    Paul Misiunas

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