The Kingman Org

The Kingman Org

(A hopeful fantasy that someday may be true!)

Welcome to FZA and the Free Zone. This page will provide you with more information about one particular aspect of FZA - the Kingman Org.

The Kingman Org is situated in beautiful desert surroundings on the outskirts of Kingman, Arizona. Our beautiful space in northwestern Arizona has been created for a single purpose - your spiritual advancement.



George Ryan BuildingThe Kingman Org has been in existence for quite some time now, but our current location is somewhat new. It is somewhat new because now, we not only occupy 12 floors of the George Ryan Building, but we've expanded our Celebrity Center and moved it to the penthouse!

The view is fantastic and the heights that our students reach goes well beyond the physical elevation that they must climb, and new heights are achieved daily!





We, at the Kingman Org, believe that in order to achieve these fantastic new heights of awareness, we must stay on the cutting edge of technology.Kingman Org Communications LinkTherefore, we have endeavored to bring to our students and clients the utmost technology, to be used to communicating around the globe. Why do we need this cutting edge communication technology? We have experts in the field of clearing worldwide. You see, we don't believe in keeping clearing technology a secret that is only available to ourselves. After rigorous training and qualification, our students return home to deliver their expertise to their family, friends, and everyone else that expresses an interest. We want the world to know that someone cares enough to go the extra mile. We want to stay in touch, and we encourage our students to do the same. With our satellite communications systems, we never have a 'failure to communicate'.


We are at your commandAccess to the George Ryan Building is simple and efficient. Upon your arrival to the Kingman Airport look for one of our Kingman Org taxis. Just show the driver your pass card which you received in the mail, and they will usher you to the Org in the most expedient and comfortable manner possible. Our business is your business. We treat you with dignity and respect. Everyone visiting the Org is treated as a celebrity!


Upon your arrival at the Org, your overnight accommodations will be taken care of and you will receive your schedule of training and/or clearing for the following day. Room service is available, but we ask that you refrain from secluding yourself within your room. Part of being at the Org is sharing and taking part in the purpose of our existence. There are many activities that are continually taking place in and around the Org. We want your stay to be not only enjoyable, but rewarding as well.


Jim in a mood of creativityMany times, activities on the street seem to appear out of nowhere. You will find people suddenly finding an urge to express their creativity in many different ways. From music, to the arts, to physical demonstrations and displays. You never know who or what you will see next. Everyday is an adventure, and no more so, than at the Kingman Org.



Spanky, our favorite wild animalThe Org is a very peaceful place. This comes from the energy, awareness and love of life that permeates the building along with the surrounding community. People are amazed at the tranquil, peaceful and safe environment that they arrive to. Even the wildlife seems peaceful, but we must warn you not to interfere with their daily routines until you yourself, have sufficiently mastered that area of life.


What seems to be the problem?Kingman Org is your org. Our purpose is to assist you on your spiritual quest for knowledge and understanding. We know that sometimes, an issue may come to light that needs immediate attention. We do not shy away from this most important area of clearing. To that end, with the cooperation of both the Fire and Police departments, we have installed special speaker terminals throughout Kingman. The pass that you received upon visiting the Org has many special uses, of which the use of these speaker terminals is one. To activate instant on-line help with any present time problem that you may be having, simple run the pass through the card scanner on the side of the terminal. Instantly, your information is passed to our computers at "Mainline Central" and processed. All pertinent data will be immediately sent to one of our "hotlist" auditors, who have received specialized training in quickly, and efficiently, reviewing and determining any and all possibilities of what may be occurring with you - our special guest.

Access to the terminal screen, located within the speaker terminal, is activated by the "hotlist" auditor. We pride ourselves in our response time. So don't expect a long wait. We are here to help you, and all we do is centered around the most important being on the planet - you!


You may find other organizations that provide clearing, but you will not find any organization that accepts payment AFTER services are delivered. We take pride in our ability to provide the right training and the right processing, geared toward the individual and not the "public". If our product is not everything that we say it is, you have the right to not pay. This, of course, excludes any charges that you may have accrued in using any accommodations.


Your rights and privileges are fully disclosed in a separate document. Understanding those rights and privileges is an important part of clearing, because without them, your rights as a spiritual being would be at risk as well.


Welcome to the Kingman Org, where you can expect the unexpected and the unexpected to be life changing. Shall we reserve a place for you?1

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