Plagil's Take On Current Affairs

There always comes a time when we begin to feel the overwhelming urge to respond in some fashion to an outside influence that has somehow impinged upon us. When this occurs then it is we ourselves who we are fighting against when our communication becomes one of a forceful nature.

For some, reading the banter on the various topics here at FZA, it becomes entertaining. For others, it becomes educational.

Lest we forget, for the most part it becomes a place for outward expression of what we have withheld within ourselves.

It is not always pleasant. It is not always kind. But what is important is that there exists a place for our expressions to take form and there exists also, those who our expressions strike a chord within.

The separation of communication between that of necessity and that of desire evolves from a starting point and the path of the individual's choosing.

Let the process evolve as it may, and if you find yourself at odds with those who you have previously communicated with, then I would encourage you to move on to more rewarding communication.

Not everyone follows your own individual progression. Recognizing that fact gives you the freedom to continue and grow as you yourself see fit.

Some shoes are made for walking while others are made strictly for comfort. If your environment begins to bore you may I suggest that you take a walk?

I, for one, love to see the growth that occurs on this site. Sometimes communication will be ignored, at other times realizations and insights come pouring out. No one has the answers you seek, but a little direction can be very rewarding and that reward may come from the most unexpected places.

If those rewards are not being presented in the fashion that you seek, there is always the option of creating a new discussion line.

The power of communication is one of affinity and without that affinity the only thing that will be close to you is you own thoughts and ideas.

Read through this site again and take note of who is communicating and who is creating distance. Then begin to communicate with those who are more closely aligned with your own ideals.1

  1. This article was posted to a forum on using the identity 'Plagil'. 

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