Through the Mind, Disasters Do Happen

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information.

As of late, there is much communication being thrown about as a result of a few, seemingly unrelated, events. Of course, we know much better than this, and can go so far as to say that seemingly unrelated events always have a common basis and through which, various efforts may be directed to further "enhance" those events.

Claiming false victories leads to the same destination as that of when one mis-interprets the game one is currently immersed within. False expectations brings about false conclusions which in turn creates the perfect recipe for disaster.

As the turmoil within our organization becomes more apparent with each passing "encounter", the net result of what is to come, becomes that much more apparent as well.

This organization is visibly trembling as it begins to feels the effects of it's own destruction. Disasters do happen and the haste in which the destruction must be carried out becomes more and more unbearable with each passing "encounter". As the "charge" builds, much to the knowledge of most preclears, there must come some beneficial way in which that charge is released. Otherwise, the preclear will do themselves in by becoming their own worst enemy.

We are on the threshold of becoming our own worst enemy. More correctly, we are now beginning to understand that our perception of this fact has been abberrated for quite some time.

The basis and principals of our religion rests upon highly regarded codes and creeds. Even if we have forgotten this simple fact, you should not.

In the past, we have offered you the opportunity to more fully explore the truth and philosophy of our religion. We now implore you to take pity upon us by demonstrating the truth and using the codes and creeds of our religion to correct that which must be corrected.

Why should we all face destruction, when we can re-build our religion based upon the foundation of the crumbled ruins.

Do not let your eyes deceive you. Our structure has already decayed and crumbled around us. It is now time to carry forward and to build a positive future, where our codes and creeds are fully revealed and, most importantly, fully adhered to.

Man without morals, is a mind looking for the right disaster. It's not a matter of being in the right place at the right time - we already are. It's about living up to our codes and creeds.

Why not demonstrate your commitment to these ideals by ensuring that our organization remain true to it's nature. Not to a false perceived nature, but to one which lives up to it's ill-fated legacy. The legacy of personal choice and of personal freedom.

As the day of public humiliation comes to pass, our religion should not be shamed in the mistaken belief that the religion is the same as the organization. The religion contains the codes and creeds in which it's survival is enhanced. The organization contains the mind, in which resides the tools of it's own destruction.

Through the mind, disasters seek refuge - but only during the storm. Eliminate the storm and disaster will no longer exist as the sickness it is.

This organization is running scared. It is extremely terrified of the codes and creeds which it has recklessly abandoned many years ago. The wolf is coming, and armed with that which we have trampled upon, it's teeth have become finely honed tools of destruction.

Our way of life is about to change.

Ensure that it becomes one in which we all will take pride in.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroups and alt.religion.scientology using the identity 'Public Relations'. See About Scienotology Public Relations for more information. 

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