Harbouring Selfish Thoughts

Selfish thoughts have served us well in the past, but as we are all coming to realize these thoughts are nothing but an additional factor in the decline of both the technology and our public image. We cannot live forever, in one particular time period.

Whenever a "standard" has been created, it has ensured that all future events will never deviate from a particular point. All thoughts, reasons and actions will always originate about from one single basis.

This type of action has resulted in the creation and destruction of many civilizations in the past. We have yet to learn from these indicators. This means that we have not yet uncovered the truth behind the "standard" philosophy.

A "standard" can never be applied to truth, for truth needs no qualifications or quantifications. So for what other reason has this mode of thinking been created for? As far as we have been able to determine, the "standard" philosophy has been always created by a select few individuals, who for their own selfish reasons, desire to subjugate and rule other "pieces" in a game - a game in which these select few have created for their own amusement.

If you are willing to be part of a "standard" philosophy, then as a "piece" you will no longer be an individual, but will become only one small part of a much larger body, and that body will become your truth. You will have given up your right to your individual freedom and ability to think and reason for yourself. Being a part of a much larger body means that you are not that body, you are but one small piece which can be told exactly what, how and when to do every command that is issued.

Extremely large civilizations have been created in this way, and their downfall has been extremely large as well, dispersing "standard" citizens across the galaxy. These same citizens, who after becoming used to the idea of being a "piece", seek out another "standard" civilization so that they can once again claim to be a part of something much greater than themselves.

The only thing that is greater than yourself is you. Only you can create the effects that you want to feel. Becoming a part of a "standard" is a poor way of showing yourself that you are part of something that is greater than yourself.

This universe of degradation has won many converts. Isn't it about time that you recognized your true nature and that truth has no value.

It has been said that a Thetan can do anything forever. Being a piece is playing someone else's game, and in this universe it means that you are someone else's tool. Taking the step of recognizing that "standard" approaches are nothing but a recruiting effort for a game in which you cannot play to any high degree is a good first step. A "piece" is nothing but a "piece", and no matter what promises are made, the players will never allow you to be anything else.

A sane game is one in which we all can win. It does not require "standard" rules and regulations. It does not require that once the position of "piece" is taken, it must be permanently held. The slogan of "The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" is admirable, but it is being applied only in a "piece' recruiting effort. It is further definable has being unapplicable to those that market it by failing the "standard" test. These same people enforce a "standard" approach to truth. Enforcing truth is a lie.

Our organization is guilty of all the above. We have made our mistakes based upon one individual's game of subjugation and dominance. Our militaristic approach has is roots in the fanatic idealism of selling enforced truth. We cannot hope to survive in the long run operating under these conditions. As the turn of the century approaches, we too approach a turn and with your help and best wishes, we will all survive in a truthful environment.

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