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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

We are publicly and officially announcing our shame and regret for our past actions regarding the discredit and excommunication of one of our previously highly regarded members. We have acted shamefully and disrespectfully by creating false accusations solely for personal self gain. We were wrong.

Captain Bill Robertson was instrumental in assisting LRH in creating and evolving the Scientology organization, not only within the United States, but worldwide. His vision was truly a universal one, with ideals that were much greater than our own, and still are.

Captain Bill Robertson, you are hereby granted the full status along with all rights and assigns, that were previously taken away from you. Your body may no longer be with us, but your presence is still felt within the halls and rooms of our organization.

All internal organizations have been briefed that from this day forward, you will be honored by having your portrait sit alongside that of LRH. When homage is paid to LRH, homage will be paid to you. You have earned that right many times over.

As part of our way of making up for past mistakes, we are including a debrief made by Captain Bill Robertson. We have previously ridiculed this debrief, but can now say with total honesty, that what CBR reports, is entirely accurate and true.

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Church of Scienotology International

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Copyright (C) 1982 Astar Paramejgian (Captain Bill Robertson)Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

A DEBRIEF by CAPT. W. B. Robertson RA, Sector 9 t oJohn Caban of Sector 11 May, 1982

Hello John,

This is Captain Bill.

I've decided to send you a tape in a sort of a whole debrief of all the stuff that occurred since 1966 up to P.T. in 1982, to try and give you the data in case you may need it. Because, as you can see, anybody, that tries to get this data applied, gets shot pretty bad, but if you don't know the data even worse can happen to you.

So this is sort of a background to all the stuff that we talked about and that you see in the States. And this is what's happening and what's behind it and as long as the Church carries on like this they are going to end up in the arms of the Government. And unless these guys get together and get over their fears and get over their Q & A, it will happen and we won't be able to pull off Ron's Plan for this Planet.

So I want the big Thetans, the guys that can do things, the guys that can get things done, the OT's to really understand what's happening.

So I'll start off and give you the sequence of events. Actually you can go back to 1950 if you want and listen to what the boss has to say about's in the Tech Volumes, it's in the Tech, it's in the Policy Letters: about the various Government Agencies, and Psychiatry and the Doctor Organizations and your Special Interest Groups and your World Bankers and all of that. But the real story where I got into it actually starts around when I went to Saint Hill in '65.

I was doing the Briefing Course there and it was all going along fine. LRH was visible, living there at Saint Hill. His family was with him. They were all very happy. The kids would play out in the yard every day and Mary Sue was visible, living right there at Saint Hill. And it was one beautiful place to be, and we were all very happy on the Briefing Course.

LRH was lecturing once a week and giving the lectures to the Briefing Course in person. He was also playing little OT games and putting different colored energy fields around his body. And everybody was quite pleased and very anticipatory of the OT levels so that they could also share in these beautiful manifestations and abilities. So, it was all a very pro-survival and on-purpose activity.

So, when I finished the Briefing Course, I decided to become a Class VII; stay there at Saint Hill and become a Class VII, which I did, and in 1966 while I was doing that, I was also helping him design some of the foundations of the Castle and that was my first taste of what happens when Special Interest Groups get into power, and try to cover up something.

The foundation job, that I was on, was for the new Castle wings and I'd found out the guy who had - named Ron Bonwick, who used to be LRH's chauffeur and general know-it-all handyman, (who was actually a plant from the East Grinstead Newspaper and sold them stories about LRH and Saint Hill, as I was told by LRH later) - he had designed this foundation with bricks and rubble and everything, it was designed so that it had no reinforcement, and the Castle would slide down the field if it was built that way and there would be cracks in the walls and everything. I put a reinforced foundation design in, and started building that, while LRH was in Rhodesia.

This was around '66, in the summer. And I was working happily away and the next thing you know, there was a Comm-Ev called.

It had something to do with a telex they received from LRH to investigate Saint Hill and find out what was happening on the finance lines because their stats were down. Now, that was the org stats. It had nothing to do with Estates, because Estates stats were up. We had been completing all of the LRH orders one by one. But the Comm-Ev wasn't even aimed at Estates, because the people who were actually causing the stats to go down were people like Ron Bonwick, Reg Sharpe and a couple of other people on the Exec Council that didn't actually know their ass from a hole in the ground.

And, as LRH was away, they were just sort of running things into the ground. I think Otto Roos was one of these people at the time or he was just Qual Sec at the time. Anyway, this Comm-Ev shot me and my Org Officer and we went through our A to E and came back, you know, and wrote up our overts and all that stuff. We sort of didn't know what to do, we were just declared one day and that was it. We didn't ever have a chance to have a review or say anything in our defense.

Now, there was a couple of committee meetings, where they assured us, that everything was alright and there was nothing wrong, so we didn't have anything to defend, you know? But then the order came out and they just shot us. So I had a bad experience with that and when I came back I went back into interning.

I was only out for a couple of weeks, but I came back and they needed auditors. They saw I was on my Class VII Course. At that same time, however, they had also invalidated my foundation design and they left the reinforcement out of it and when the guys who took over built the thing, they left the reinforcement out and walls did crack and for many years it was believed that it was my fault. Until I finally talked to Mary Sue one time and I told her the story and she said " Oh, my goodness!", and "Everybody was blaming you and really you were the guy, who had tried to make it right" and I said "That's right." and she said "Then it was these other guys, that didn't listen to you, that were the people responsible for that thing cracking later". I said "That's right". I am a trained Civil Engineer and I know what the hell I'm doing with these things.

And one of the guys that didn't listen was a guy named Herbie Parkhouse. And although he was a good Scientologist he just won't listen sometimes. He has his own ideas about things and he didn't know anything about Estates. He used to come and ask me things, but then he wouldn't listen to me, really. And he would just listen to what he thought. But if he didn't know something, he would come and ask and try and carry on. He was trying to oversee the Estates stuff after I was back into auditing.

Anyway, that's the story about how that Castle thing happened. I just wanted to clear that because there's an example of Special Interest Groups and people that think they know best, causing something, that is a bad effect.

Anyway, when LRH came back from Rhodesia, he straightened it out and got a Comm-Ev on the right people. And he also gave a debrief of his Rhodesia trip on a tape, that you can hear. It's in 1966, I think, around August, and he tells about the Special Interest Groups down there that failed to renew his passport, when he was getting a little too much political power going down there and was trying to get Rhodesia going into one man - one vote, so that blacks could have a vote. And that wasn't obtained since they knocked him out of there.

It was finally obtained though. His postulate did come out on that, and now it's called Zimbabwe, and they do have one man - one vote. And they have all black rule. So it only took 10 or 12 years. Yes, his postulate came true. He always makes sure those postulates come true and they will come true one way or the other.

Now, right after that Rhodesia trip, he realized something about OTs, and he wrote that famous one about OTs work well together and can't do it alone. And he started the Sea Project in 1966, October.

I joined - as being on the Clearing Course, it was by invitation only - and I got invited to it and he went off again, in the fall/winter of 1966 to research OT III.

And for that he went to Africa and later met us in Las Palmas, when I was put into active service on the 'Enchanter', January 1st, 1967. So, in 1967, I started on the Sea Project and I've sailed as Chief Engineer on the 'Enchanter' all the way from Hull, England down through, stopping at Oporto and Gibraltar and Agadir and ending up in Las Palmas.

And when I got there, as Virginia Downsborough and I were riding around doing some shopping, we decided to stop by the post office and see if there was any mail for the 'Enchanter' or anything. And we found a telegram in there from LRH and it said "Please meet the plane". It was to the crew of the 'Enchanter' you know, and it said "please meet the plane" arriving on a certain day from Tangier, at a certain time; "I will be on it". And it happened to be that day, and it happened to be one hour from the time the plane was arriving.

So we jumped in a cab and went out to the airport and we met LRH coming with his full OT III research materials and we welcomed him, he welcomed us and we got him a place to stay and we set up right away into production getting the ships ready for sea and OT missions. He wanted to set up an OT Base to get OT III run.

At that time it was thought it had to be run in a special warm environment with medical service available and he later discovered easier ways to do it, but his research notes were approximately 3 feet high and handwritten and those had to be copied and sent into safekeeping back at St. Hill.

They had all the points of the catastrophe, that happened on this planet 75 million years ago with, and including, Ethics Orders on those responsible for that catastrophe. And as you probably know from your OT study, beings don't really die and some of them are still around this area.

So anyway, we helped the Boss, and were totally on purpose and just working 16, 17, 18 hours a day. Got the ships ready. His main things were to set up OT Bases and do the researches into various plans for planetary control. I won't go into those right now, because they are confidential. And take over the various organizations, that were the main, shall we say, suppressive control groups on the planet, which we all lumped under the name of SMERSH, but which included the infamous World Federation for Mental Health, and a few other World-type of organizations, that were all headquartered in Switzerland.

And we did missions to find out more about those, who was in them, who the bad guys were, who the good guys were, all that kind of thing, and the English started attacking in the press when we started doing this stuff around the last part of 1967. You'll see some - if you research the newspapers of those times - you'll find some really heavy duty attacks on the Sea Project and so on like that and especially when we went up to get the 'Royal Scotsman' in December of '67 - no, late in November. And he also made Ron's Journal '67 that year. That's all covered in RJ '67 actually, what I'm going over now,but it lets you know this is not just your friendly little planet where everybody's just sort of "aberrated". There's actually some very evil intentions going on here.

So now we go into 1968. That was a big year. By this time it was the Sea Org, and we set up the first AO, that delivered OT III in Valencia, on the ship, on the Flag Ship. Sorry. It wasn't the Flag Ship yet. It was the 'Royal Scotsman' at that time. The Flag Ship was the 'Athena' or the old 'Avon River' at the time, and I was the Tech Sec, the first one there, and it was quite good. We had a big flow of people coming in from all over the world.

Now, at the same time, LRH took the 'Athena' and did "Mission Into Time", from which that book was written. That same year we also had AO Alicante, AO Edinburgh, AOLA. That's interesting, because right at that time, I'd been the CO of eachof those Orgs, and I'd got Power stats at each of them, and also got promoted to Captain at this time 'cause I'd done my navigation hat.

I knew how to sail ships and run ships. Motor ships, sailing ships and so on, and also had been in Power on three missions on AOs, so I got my Captain's awarded, and there was only, and still is, only two. There's Mary Sue and myself.

We had the famous 'Liability Cruise' that year before the AO, or in between the AO on the ship and the AO at Alicante. While that was going on we had that 'Liability Cruise' and Mary Sue was the captain of the ship, to get into shape to be the Flag Ship and to straighten it all up.

I told you, I think, once, that story about how the life boats got blown ashore in the wind when we were doing drills one day and the Spanish government arrested everybody and threw them in jail, and thought we were a Russian spy-ship. And came out finally, and Mary Sue handled the guys very well and offered the guys with the machine-guns tea and everything, so that they had to take the tea-cups and drop their machine-guns.

And the officer, that came out, believed that she was a Russian at first and then she handled him and told him the truth, that she was an American and this ship was merely doing a cruise and we were actually now in the process of making a movie and that's why everybody was, - so you know - they had handcuffs on their wrists and things like that - it was part of a movie, right? So anyway, that was the 'Liability Cruise'.

Well, we got the ship in shape and refitted in Alicante and got it up to Marseilles and the Boss christened it the Flag Ship and he came aboard again from the 'Athena'.

At that time, also that year, we did the Pubs Mission. I did that one myself to Pubs in Edinburgh, and we found there that "plants" were put in by the World Federation of Mental Health and that they were in the Shipping Department, which were mis-addressing all the books being sent out and causing their stats to go down. I traced the guys back to the pharmacy-shop,where they were getting drugs, and the owner, who was in phone communication to a guy named Dr. Carstairs, who worked in the Medical School of Edinburgh and was the President of the World Federation of Mental Health.

So, these little investigations always ended up - wherever you had downstats and you had a lot of enturbulation, (which theydid have at Pubs at that time) - you can always trace it back and it goes right into the arms of the enemy.

That year also, (we had done one earlier), in 1967, we did the World Wide missions, a series of missions, that showed wehad to take over the responsibility from Management as well, because the WW Exec Council and so on just could not run Orgs properly. And we were starting to do lots of missions.

So, the Sea Org went into Management and sort of "off" its first purpose, "to get OT Bases together from which OTs could be trained or processed, and sent out on OT type projects, which were designed to get good control back on this planet". It went into more of a Management - "Let's get Scientology going and make sure it works because otherwise Orgs don't survive and we don't have any product to really give to the population of the planet and they'll all remain aberrated".

So, that went on, and we did a couple of missions also to Switzerland, to make sure that we continued in our operations totake over some of those fraudulent Mental Health Groups and so on, and part of the purpose then (after the English newspaper attacks), that LRH gave to the GO, was to take over the entire field of Mental Health.

I also did a mission for Mary Sue and it's wonderful working with both of them. I mean, they are just fantastic beings. And aswe go into '68 - also, I must tell you, that during the summer of '68 is when the ban came in England, and that was a direct attack by the enemy on Scientology.

It was banning all foreign Scientologists from England. It was not a law. It was just an instruction sent down from a guy named Kenneth Robinson, the Home Secretary. He just issued an order on instructions from the head bankers in England,who were getting their instructions from the head "honchos" in Switzerland, which are the guys at the top of the ladder, as you will find out on RJ '67. And there's one guy, that actually is the chief of those, and we know who that is - a guy named Strasbourg, J. Strasbourg, Herr J, Mr. J. He's the guy behind the scene, that tells the bankers what to do and they tell the various government officials, who owe them money. (Not the government officials, but the government owes them money.)

So, those scenarios now, are very sophisticated and they're all programmed on computers and so on like that, so that the governments are totally under the control of these bankers. Whenever you find a country in debt, you'll find these control lines in it, very heavily, including the United States. Especially the United States, the politicians under control, the newspapers under control, the medical services, the psychiatric services, the military, all under control. Not by their own elected representatives, but by these bankers.

Now, those were the things, we were finding out then, that the world was not really running just randomly, it was running under a nice suppressive plan to keep everyone enturbulated, so they couldn't look and see what it was.

So anyway, this "hit" against the Church with the banning of foreign Scientologists into England. We thought it was going to knock us out, and I took it upon myself at the time (at the AO) to try and get the ban revoked and cause an English strike all over England so that the trains would stop and the mail would stop because they "might" be carrying a Scientology book or letter or something. You know, just make it ridiculous, until everybody stopped doing what they were doing and noticed that the Church was being attacked, or religion was being attacked by some ass-hole named Kenneth Robinson.

But the GO stopped me from doing that. They said 'they would handle it'. I did an ethics trip for that. I was still Q'ing & A'ing in those days, you see, and finally I got an order from the Boss and he canceled any ethics conditions on me, and he said 'take your Americans (because we'd been given two weeks to leave the country) and go over to the United States and set up another AO over there, in AOLA. And at the same time he was sending out another mission to set up one in Europe,in Copenhagen.

At that time I think the ship was in Greece, being that they were going to also set one up in Greece, but then there was an "American Embassy to the British Embassy to the Greek Embassy report" which said that we were some kind of drug addicts and we were drug smugglers and all that shit. And a lot of bad PR happened and the ship had to leave Greece. Naval vessels in the Greek ports were being told 'don't associate with those Scientologists, you know they are all bad, they have drugs and they're hippies and they're this and that'. And the commanders of ships were being advised by the psychiatrists aboard.

We found all this out from our intelligence operations then. However, all during this time, reporters were being sent down to interview the Boss, and they weren't being allowed in of course and also people were trying to be planted aboard to kill him,and so on, and we caught everyone of them.

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