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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

Still, Mary Sue, LRH and the family were perfectly safe, perfectly happy and they carried on. It was just like the old days of fighting the enemy, while you got your job done.

So we were quite willing to do this move and we jumped over to AOLA with all our OT materials. Got them through Customs without anyone looking at them. Set up the AOLA and sent back Flag about 1/4 million dollars in about 10 or 12 weeks.

Kept expanding like crazy until a couple of, shall we say, suppressively inclined fixed and special interest groups in the United States got onto our lines.

One of them was the Julia Salmen clique in LA, who said that we were "assigning too much auditing to people on SOLO"'(for crying out loud), and you know, and that she "couldn't audit that much and therefore we were bad." And she also resented anybody in the United States that wasn't under her control, because she was just an Org person and although the executive of the United States, she was just Org and we were Sea Org. And she thought she was running us and she wasn't.

And there's a lot of funny stories with that, but she was just a normal alcoholic. Anyway, the other one at time was Alan Walter, who was 3rd partying because of his doing some squirrel activities in his franchise, and we were finding out about it and putting in ethics on him and generally putting ethics in right across and the stats were up - up - up. Just over the 100,000 dollar mark. We even had made over $100,000 at Edinburgh.

We made over $100,000 per week at LA too and we were in power. We had over 800 active FSMs or at least 400 active and 800 on the books. And the central files was less than 2000, so we were doing quite well. Anyway, this 3rd party operated on some Aides back at the ship and without consulting LRH, they ordered me back.

At first they ordered all these successful actions stopped. Like the Tours, and the Ethics actions, and so on. Of course the stats crashed from $116,000 in one week to $20,000 the next week. And they had to explain that. Well, they couldn't until I got back to the ship and debriefed. And then LRH canceled everything again. You see, he had to keep saving my ass there.

Well, I finally got big enough to where I figured I could save it myself. But anyway, I was Q'ing & A'ing in those times. I knew LRH would 'save' me, you know, if somebody didn't understand what I was doing. But that's a very "effect viewpoint". We all have to be big enough Thetans to where we can take over the job of handling a planet all by ourselves. Otherwise, we are not making it to OT.

So, I really appreciate the Boss for doing those savings of me whenever people would knock me for high stats, but I finall y realized I had better do it myself or else I am not going to ever get anywhere in this game.

So, we got the AOLA thing straightened out and he had me write out Mission Orders for that $100,000 thing: called 'The$100,000 Mission Orders'. And those were sent out with another team and those were put in at AOLA.

Yvonne was running those. I did a couple more missions. I was Captain of the Flag Ship for 6 years totally, but right then I was Captain of the Flag Ship for a while, and we went on into 1969, and all of a sudden the Boss noticed that AOLA was not doing so well under Yvonne, and wanted to know what was happening. She kept sending in these reports, that there were a few people that "weren't real" on her lines.

One guy was getting on her lines trying to take her out to "dinner" and all this kind of stuff. He said he was an "OT VIII" from "Washington" in the "old days". He obviously didn't know anything about Scientology or Dianetics. He was just a plant. He was a Class B movie actor.

I was sent out on a mission to relieve Yvonne, congratulate her for handling those guys so far, but relieve her to start Celebrity Center. The Boss wanted her to start Celebrity Center and sent me back to AOLA. And what I found there was this guy, and we took care of him, and got him arrested and put in jail. We found out he was a Class B movie actor, a thief, a compulsive thief, and he also was observed by us calling up the organization, AOLA and threatening to "blow it up", which we reported to the police. He also stole a typewriter from the Ambassador Hotel, which we observed and we reported it to the police.

They caught him for these things. They had him in jail. They were really amazed we were so good. We were better than they were at finding out things. So. And then, also, we found out he "reported" from a place on Sunset Boulevard. He would call up a psychiatrist and report to him his progress on enturbulating the Organization and finding out what the CO was doing and how he "scared us" and all that stuff. He was reporting to a certain doctor of psychiatry in Beverly Hills.

Now, at that same time, there was a Station Ship out in Pac. That was 'Neptune' or 'Aries' - one of those two - and a guy(Sea Org guy), had gone up to the shore toilet one night ... And two guys had jumped out of a car and put chloroformed cotton over his nose and mouth, and stuck him in the neck with a needle full of sodium pentothal, (a hypnotic drug) and then ordered him to run. "Just keep running." "Don't go back to the Sea Org" and "Forget everything!" And the guy did! He started running (it was a quicky hypnosis job on him with a drug), and he ran down the street until he collapsed and the police picked him up. It was at night.

So the next thing you know, they thought he was a psycho, and sent him to County General Hospital, to the Psychiatric Ward. He was then given another injection of sodium pentothal, taken into a room and interviewed by two psychiatrists. One worked at the hospital and another one that came in was from Beverly hills. That same one. Yes.

The interview consisted of "Where is LRH? Where are the ships? What are missions? What missions are you doing? What is the purpose of the Sea Org?". All this kind of stuff. They were trying to find out intelligence data. This guy did not know anything. He was just a recruit. He just gave them the standard shore story and he was aware enough, that when he got audited after this, he recalled all the things, that had happened to him, after they let him come of the drugs. And then they asked him what he wanted to do. And he said 'I don't know. I used to work for somebody, but I don't want to work there anymore. I want to go home to my mommy.' So they gave him $30 to buy a bus ticket with and they sent him out the door. And he just jumped on a local bus in LA and came out to the FOLO there and reported - the OTL that is - and reported what had happened, and we gave him rest, vitamins and Dianetic sessions and ran the incident out and got all the data and we started checking it out.

And we found it was all true. We found the doctor's name, that had treated him. We sent a minister down, got the doctor's record. We checked out on the names of psychiatrists, that were associated in Beverly Hills. We got that name.

I sent a telegram to the doctor in the County General from the doctor in Beverly Hills saying: 'They found us out. Get out of town quick!' They guy in County General got out of town quick. He left in the middle of the night. We had a minister check on that.

I knew these guys were guilty as sin. So I checked my full staff for PDH, found two of them that read, ran them in session and they had similar stories. They were grabbed in the middle of the night, taken into a house, questioned, put back into the same area, they were and told then to go to sleep and go up and go to bed and forget everything. And they did.

So, these two others were also debriefed and that was the enturbulation that was running around the Org. We got that straightened out, got a little campaign going against this kind of thing, and doubled the QM guards, and so on like that.

And stats started coming right up. People got more secure around the area because before that, these people were not on post, you understand? They were getting dispersed. They could not think. They could not... - one of them was in Division VI too, so this was really what was causing the stats of the Org to go down. It was all these infiltrators sent against it. These agent provocateurs like the Class B movie actor, that was going after Yvonne, and these PDH cases, that were in there just "waffling around" and being sort of dopey.

So, anyway, I reported all that up to Flag and the next thing you know I get these - (again it didn't go to LRH directly, it went to these Aides) - and these Aides decided I was ... - first of all they didn't decide anything. They just wanted more data, and I said "I'm sending a full report, written." And I did.

At the same time this guy names Bob Thomas - now remember that: Bob Thomas - cause now we're getting into it: "Who isinside, who works for the outside, huh?" He has been, and is, a government advisor on all the scenarios being run on the Church. He was a psychological consultant in the Army before he was in Scientology, and he's been working on both sides,he works for the government and he works for the Church, and finally he got Comm-Ev'ed by LRH and declared suppressive - (in the next few years). But before he made those mistakes in his court cases and so on and came to the attention of LRH and MSH, he had successfully third partied me to everybody, saying that - in 1968 - saying that: "What you have here is Captain Bill hallucinating and none of this is really true, and everything is, blah, blah, blah."

Meanwhile his telexes were going up there (to Flag) saying that they (AOLA) should turn over these 3 people that had been "PDH'ed", to him, because it was all "hallucination", and he would "take care" of them. In other words, he would kick them out of the Sea Org and tell them to go home and make sure that they didn't talk.

Because I had these three, we were going after the psychiatrist in Beverly Hills for KIDNAPPING, and we actually got to the door. I was going to take these guys over to him and walk in the door and have them identify him, and do a Citizen's Arrest on him. Well, the first day I went there to take his picture, with another Sea Org officer, to take his picture, so I could show it to them to make sure it was the right guy. And he was so frightened when I walked in the door, that he fell backwards over his desk and just sat there slobbering and gibbering. He knew he'd been found out. And the other guy with me, he was so shook up, he didn't even take the picture. I don't know why he was shook up, he should have expected it, but anyway. So we made some remark about his corporation in Las Vegas, that we knew all about. (See, we researched this guy pretty good.) And he just stuttered and stammered and so on, and gave some kind of answer. And I said "I'll be back."

And I came back the next day with the actual witnesses, the people, that had been PDH'ed, and guess what? His office was deserted. His name plaque was taken off the door. When we asked the guard downstairs what had happened he said the guy came in the middle of the night, 4 o'clock, loaded everything up into a station wagon and left. And I said "Do you have his home address? We have one of his patients here". And he said, yes, here is his home address. We dashed over to his home. His home was in a similar condition. There were signs of hasty packing. He had blown town.

Now, that is fact. All that is documented. I have witnesses, etc, etc, etc. These guys were doing this. Alright. Now, that was one of the things, that was levelled in recent times, it has been the same charge, of "hallucination". And when it was checked back, by a friend at that time named Joe Lisa, it was found that: Bob Thomas had written those words in the "B-1" file, (that's an "intelligence file") about me, and that those words had been used by the GO all up until 1980 and B-1 to make sure that anything I said was labelled "hallucination" so that the plants would never be found out. And this is the way they work it.

Anyway, to carry on from this point in 1968, one other thing happened, uh 1969, sorry, one other thing in '69.

A guy named John Cole walked into the Org one day and offered to buy the OT materials for $10,000 for his business. I knew right away he was an "agent provocateur", sent him over to GO, and they let him go.

Two weeks later, he tried to steal the security pack from ASHO, (which had just been set up over there), by saying that "he worked for me" and that "I needed it for a press interview"' and "to bring it out to a certain location and he would take it tome". The CO over there was no dummy. In fact, I was on the phone to him at the same time and I was on another line, so I just told him to tell the guy, "Yeah, we'll meet him".

And we made up a pack with a lot of "nice" words for psychiatry and so on like that, like "screw you, you bastards", and "fuck psychiatry" and "psychiatry sucks" and all that stuff. And we put it in a nice envelope with a gold band on it, labelled it "SECURITY", "SECRET", all that stuff. And we delivered it to the guy. And I was right across the street and I walked over to the car, opened the door, and said "You're under arrest, you son of a bitch". And he was so frightened, he - I took his keys out of the car, see, and just had his keys - and he was trying to get a gun, and a knife, and he didn't have any with him,and he was so frightened and flubbery and so on like that - he jumped out of the car and tried to hit me a couple of times and I just held him off. And then I started walking back toward the police station jangling his keys, and he came at me again, and I just made out that I threw them into the bushes, but I didn't. I just pocketed them. And then he ran scrambling into the bushes and cursing me saying, he was going to "kill me" and all this kind of stuff. Then I just walked up the street to the police station, jangled the keys again, and he came running like a Pavlovian dog, and ran into the police station and said that we were trying to steal his car. And we walked right in behind him and threw the keys on the desk, to my friend the Lieutenant in there, that had helped me out with various cases before this. I told him what had happened: "Industrial espionage; this guy has tried to steal things from us" and so on.

He said "You want him put in jail?"

I said "Yeah".

So they took him in the back and put him in jail.

And then Bob Thomas came along and let him out.

Now this was the same John Cole, that's mentioned on page 64 of Omar Garrison's book. He's a CIA agent, FBI agent,worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, he's a slavering psychotic.

And he was the one responsible for putting Terry Milner in jail for "attempted assault" or an "assault" charge - which Terry Milner never did. But John Cole is so crazy; he went and got himself beat up and said "Terry Milner did it". And that's how Terry Milner, who was a B-1 agent, the intelligence for GO in 1969, got blown and got out of the post - so that the field was open - Terry Milner was a good guy, you see - and the field was now open for Bob Thomas to run whoever he wanted in that post.

And also, at CCLA, Yvonne was getting targeted, now she was starting all her Celebrity things over there, and she was getting targeted by the government for a few actions also - which will come to fruition in later years.

The ship was now moving around between Spain and Portugal and we were running into some political difficulty, which we later found out to be also forwarded through the American Embassy from Washington DC through the various Consuls and Embassies in the various ports to the heads of the government, which insinuated, that we were either drug-runners or traffickers in "little girls", or "white slavers", or something like that. They didn't latch on to the good one, the one that really worked in those countries until a little later. And that was that they accused us of "being the CIA", and turned that data over to the Communist Parties of the countries, which then caused some real ruckuses. But that will come up later.

Anyway, we traced all these down, and we decided to - (in 1970), after I went back from that mission in 1969 - the Boss told me, he said "Hey, they tried to do the same thing on the Org in Phoenix in 1952" and he said, he had to take care of the nuts, they kept sending into the Org. The "psychs" were all working on the outside and sending implanted people into the Org. And he had to be very discerning in those days to make sure, that somebody coming in was really there to be audited and not being sent to go crazy, and to cause a big flap.

Now in 19...- let's see if we can get to the next year here, 1970, we started trying to handle... - I was back on the ship doing the Captain job - ...and we started trying to handle Morocco and recover Spain - which had been third partied against us in Madrid by the Interpol people. And we also had the plan for EU, which had to be instigated, and which I accepted the mission to do. That was going to go up there and take over Europe and get it booming.

Because the plan was to have EU, of course, be the mainstay of Scientology, and finance all of Scientology in case the United States ever went down the tubes, in case anything else happened to their economy, in case the Church got "taken over" there. Anything that happened to the US, EU would survive it. Now this was not started in '70 by the Boss. It was a postulate of his and an order to the Exec Council WW in 1966 or '67. However, it was never done. EU stats were still at thebottom by 1970.

So, there are very interesting stories I can tell you about the Morocco and Spain recovering thing, which I will in the next... -after this about the CO EU hat - ...but those cycles were never fully done, because one thing was to go and find the false data and get it replaced.

So, at that time, the Boss made up this project called "Snow White", which was given to Fred Hare to do. And it was to replace all the false data in every government agency's file with true data. Find it and replace it with true data. And that was the project called "Snow White".

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