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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

We were able to handle most of them because these countries are very small. We did get asked to leave a few ports and nobody could understand why, except it was some 'pressure' from the United States, they would "cut their foreign Aid" or something if they did (welcome us.)

We also captured some telexes directly from the State Department that gave these orders and these were used in a lawsuit that LRH asked to be brought against Kissinger, the State Department, and several other named Embassy and American consular officials. And it was filed in the United States. An 800 million dollar lawsuit against Henry Kissinger and other people in the State Department, who were in office at the time, by the way.

Now, the United States Government went through a whole series of convolutions to keep this a secret. It never appeared in the press. And this suit will become important in the next years, so just remember that.

That suit is now being pushed, pushed, pushed in 1975 through the courts in the United States, trying to get somebody to open it up, make it public, accept it, DO IT, see?

So anyway, we did a refit in Curacao and LRH decided to land in the United States anyway. See, he never gives up his intention. He couldn't land in the boat. He's now going to land all the crew there. They all went in separate airplanes, different times, different places. In all, we filtered in two or three hundred people, mostly the foreigners first, then LRH and MSH filtered in. Of course, they travel always on separate planes for security. And then the last part was to get the ship all cleaned out. Ready for sale. And he had a mission finding a hotel in the South. There was a good climate there so he could set up the Flag Land Base, because we were processing and training people on the ship at that time. But now we wanted to do it onshore where we could really expand.

And they found the FH and they bought that. Now the FH was bought in Clearwater, as you know, in 1975 and I did the cleaning job on it. It was nasty. After I had gotten the ship ready for sale and left it with a prize crew, we got the FH ready.

And at that time I became aware of something LRH was investigating in Clearwater, which was the fact that the Mafia was interested in having gambling in Florida, and when they did get this passed through the legislature, (because it's illegal right now) - but when they did get open gambling passed through the legislature, they had different towns selected out to be the head gambling places and Clearwater was one of them.

These Mafia-connected businessmen and so on in Clearwater wanted the Fort Harrison to be the first gambling casino in Clearwater. Therefore, they didn't want it to be sold to anybody that would keep it. And that is the source on the entire attacks on the Church in Clearwater. All they want to do is get us to move out of the Fort Harrison so they can have it for gambling when they pass the law in Florida, and that is the entire source of it. There's no other reason for those attacks. That is it. The business men stand to lose a lot of money unless they can sell that hotel to the Mafia. So LRH found this out in 1975 and the GO kept forgetting it all the way up until 1980, I haven't heard it mentioned then. But they could stop any attacks down there by just letting people know that this is what it really is.

Anyway, 1976 now, we move along. The Flag Land Base was set up. I did the post of CO FSO, I did some missions out to PAC area, I got appointed C5-1. LRH, meanwhile, had not moved into the Flag Land Base, because of this attack scene going on down there at the time from the local Clearwater Mafia. He lived nearby, in a small town nearby, and then he moved to California with a small staff in 1976. Whereupon, he started writing the movies, the films, the tech films, and so on like that. And he wanted a good place to do that, and that was his job there, to get those films produced, to keep the Tech standard. Started it out in 1976.

Now I did the CS-1 post, found out a lot about Ethics and Justice in the United States at that time which was in very poor shape. I could tell you some horror stories from that but you've probably heard them all anyway. I tried to get Justice and equitable Ethics going in, fairness, and truth, and was getting pretty successful at it. I had a lot of people writing to me and trying to get things done and I did them; I got the Review Comm-Evs and got evidence pulled out and found out who the real bad guys were, and everything. And I think I did pretty well on that post. And I was fully hatted for it, by the way, A to I.

And then I went on my annual leave, and when I came back, they needed me on the CS-E post. So I took the CS-E post because that was the big flap at that time. I always have to go where the flaps are, you know, and got on the CS-E post and I was on that late 1976 and early 1977.

First thing I had to do in 1977 was handle the Toronto fire, early in 77. The Org was burned down. By the way, this is confidential GO data, but it's no use holding it this late in the game.

The guy who burned down the Toronto Org - it burned completely to the ground - was a plant. He was in there and he set the Mimeo files on fire - you know, the hanging sheets with the Mimeo fluid in them; they burn real well. It was done at night and the guy disappeared. Couldn't find him of course. Actually it was arson. He burned the Org down at night. And there weren't many people around and it was after hours and nobody got killed but they lost everything in the Org - they thought.

Except Ed Brewer and myself went up and salvaged everything and got them a new Org building in a Hotel, rented, for about the same price that they were running, and got them back into Power stats within one week. The same week the Org burned down (on Friday night), by next Thursday they had 27,000 dollars in GI, which was the highest stats they'd ever made since 5 FEBC's had gone back in 1970. (I believe that was the highest stats they'd ever made.)

So, I was quite successful in that.

Then I did some PAC missions, (missions out in the PAC area), and went out there to help with the Cedars refit. As CS-E that was - the biggest project we had going in the whole world - was refitting Cedars.

And that same year was the raid on the Church there when the FBI had broken in and taken all the records in the B-1 files from the Cedars area. And it's very interesting that those B-l files are now reposing in an FBI secret headquarters in Encino, California.

I have given all this data to the proper people in the Church, but I don't think anybody's gone out there to see the files. I have seen them. They're in the basement there. And since it's an illegal place, the FBI's operating it under the name of an Insurance Company, Zenith Insurance Company. It's not really an FBI place, so there's no reason why we couldn't subpoena them and get the files back.

But, of course, as I told you before, since Bob Thomas put that thing in the file in 1968, everything I've said is really "hallucinations". But no, nobody just goes and looks. That's all I ask you to do. It's all LRH ever asked us to do was just go look. Well, I've done the looking. Anybody else, I don't give a damn whether they believe it or not, but if they ain't big enough to go and look, then they ain't big enough to know. And they ain't big enough to go OT, either.

Anyway, 1978, the Cedars refit mission was still going on and then I got qualified to go to SU. Now SU is a Special Unit were LRH was making the films. They needed some more people out there, some execs and so on. And I went out there in August, 1978. Now, just before I arrived there - the first thing I found out there when I arrived is - there's no GO there,there's absolutely no GO there, and the GO is prohibited from being there and the CMO and the SU people are prohibited from talking to the GO, or any GO terminal, or having any written comm to the GO, or any kind of connection with the GO. And this is because LRH had kicked out any GO terminals from SU.

And he had done that for a very simple reason. They had non-complied grossly with his order. Because in 1978 the indictment came down on the "nine" (and Mary Sue) that the FBI had done from the files that were stolen from the Church. And LRH had offered, right away, he had ordered the GO, lawyers and so on, to TRADE the Kissinger 800 million dollar suit to the government. See, because it was quite embarrassing to them. And it was embarrassing to SMERSH too.

And it was getting a little more play now. I think one Washington paper had mentioned it. So he offered to trade that suit off:To say we "have insufficient evidence" if you say you "have insufficient evidence" in the Mary Sue and nine conspirators case.

That was his order. To trade those two, equal off. They drop the case on Mary Sue and the nine. We drop the case on Kissinger.

The GO didn't do that. They traded that suit for one of the IRS appeal suits. And LRH was so mad at them that he kicked them all off of the SU area and he wouldn't have any more comm with them. He warned Mary Sue at the time "There's something wrong in the GO. There's something very wrong in there. They're not complying. They're not acting as if they are on our side".

And Mary Sue didn't get the word. She didn't look hard enough, or she didn't believe it, or there were too many people on her lines telling her that things were "other" than what LRH was saying.

But in actual fact, the people on her Controller's Committee, right underneath her, and between her and Jane (because they were senior to Jane) there were two people on there that were working for the government. And they were James Mulligan and Anne Mulligan. All right.

Now, the "trade off" was messed up, and also, as you know, you probably know, or maybe you don't know, but have the Court Records. You may have seen these Court Records of the Mary Sue case and there's this guy in it named Michael Meisner.

Now we're getting into some other people's tracks but have this from the sources themselves, the stories heard from them directly, and that is: The whole reason Mary Sue and the nine got indicted was because of this break-in that the GO did in Washington to get these papers on Scientology having to do with the stealing of the documents from Cedars.

It's all involved in that case anyway. And what happened was that -this guy Michael Meisner was the one that proposed the break-in. He was the AG Washington. Now, the funny thing is that two people in Washington at the time when he proposed that - before it was even done, before it was accepted - KNEW and had evidence that he was a government agent. Those two people were Bill Franks and Lynn Murphy.

Now, those two people wrote up reports on separate lines - 'cause Franks was Sea Org and Lynn was GO - they wrote up reports on separate lines to Mary Sue to tell her that Michael Meisner is a Government agent and he should be gotten out of here. He's not a G0 guy. He doesn't think like us. He doesn't act like us. He has connections to the Government, he is trying to get the Church in trouble, etc, etc, etc.

In other words, they EXPOSED him. They sent the things up the line. Jimmy Mulligan stopped these communications from going to Mary Sue. They did not go to Mary Sue. He ordered, through the connections he had to the Sea Org, from his mysterious GO post of Controller's Committee, that Bill Franks be removed from Washington Org and Comm-Eved and RPF'd: and he was. And that Lynn Murphy be bought back to PAC and Comm-Eved and RPF'd; and she was. And she was also kicked out of the GO. And they were so spinny, they didn't even realize what it was for. But it wasn't for any of their stats or anything. It was just the fact that they had tried to expose a plant.

Now, you realize that if those comms had been allowed to go through, then Mary Sue would never had gone to jail. And I don't know if you've found that out, I think I told you, but it is a fact now that Mary Sue is in jail. She's in a prison for women on the East Bay - it s called East Bay of San Francisco Bay. It's quite a nice place. It's a white collar prison. But she's still in prison and she should not be there.

I wanted to point out something else, too, on the GO's head, and these plant's heads. That since 1976, before 1976, all the years that LRH and MSH and the family were on board the ship under the Sea Org protection, they were totally safe. Nobody touched a hair on their head. Nobody got them in a court room.

Since they moved ashore they were under GO quote "protection" and since that time, Mary Sue is in jail, Quentin is dead,LRH had to move off the lines because of 18 or more subpoenas on him for various civil cases against the Church, and the family is quite dispersed.

They don't get together for birthdays anymore. Diana, this year, has said that she can't even get her comm through the CMO to the Old Man. She can't even communicate hardly to her father anymore. She writes up there but she don't know if anything is getting through or not. And Arthur is now kicked out of SU. And so is Suzette.

They are not in SU anymore. They were quote "knocked out of SU" for quote "out security". When in actual fact the thing is that they are very vulnerable themselves to any attacks because they are members of the family. And they should be protected. And they are not being protected. And they're all in the Los Angeles area now.

And Diana is trying to take care of them. And she's also trying to help her mother. And I also pledged to her that I will do anything in my power to help get her mother out of jail.

And that whole thing I say, was caused by the fact of infiltration and plants in positions in the GO. And of course we all know that Mary Sue should have spotted them but there were two plants right under her feeding her Legal, and Intelligence data.

James Mulligan was in charge of Intelligence and his wife Anne Mulligan, they're both homosexuals, by the way - they got together to make a good "show" - but they chopped all the Legal and intelligence lines to Mary Sue, and just let through what they wanted her to see, or wrote up their own reports the way they saw it, or the way they wanted it to be, and that was the way the Government wanted it.

So, these things were all found by me in the next couple of years, and they are all logged and written down and debriefed at several places. I will tell you where they are in just a moment but I've got to go through 1979 first, 'cause in late 78 the location where the boss was filming got blown by two people that went to Las Vegas.

They blew from SU Area, from the film area. They were like new recruits. They blew. They were "family" of some messenger or something and they blew and they went to Las Vegas and tried to get $10,000 from the FBI to reveal the location. The FBI said "No, reveal it anyway", and they did.

And they went to the newspapers, and they tried to get money from the newspapers, and the next thing you know people from Las Vegas Org were over there running around in their cars trying to see LRH. So he said "We've got to get a new location." So we did. We got another new secret location for filming so we wouldn't be bothered. And it's still in California. And this one was where the current CMO INT people are, and the Watchdog Committee, and all that stuff.

The Watchdog Committee, by the way, is just the executives and division heads of CMO INT. That's all it is. There's nobody else on it. Or there wasn't when I worked there. Maybe now, but there wasn't then.

And they all call themselves the Watchdog Committee because their purpose was "To watch over Scientology and makesure it stayed on LRH Policy". Isn't that strange?

Well, now they seem to be setting their own policy. But that's the way they were. They were very "status oriented" people. And the LRH messengers (there were good guys that were in it in the beginning when it was running well) are all gone. They've all been removed from it. And who removed them?

Well, you have to look at who's the head of it and who is the guy that's running it. It's the heads of the CMO and the Special Projects people at CMO INT. And I was there. I was the CO of SU, which is the Special Unit, the whole thing, not the head of CMO INT, but the SU part that's doing the films and so on, and I worked with LRH for a year and a half out there,and since the GO wasn't there, I did all the Legal and Intelligence for him. And hatted up Leo Johnson on how to do it, so that he could take over the Div 6 hats of PR, and so on, for the base.

And I got to know LRH's Legal and Intelligence and Public Relation Policies very well, 'cause I had to get hatted on them myself. And he was personally directing me and handling these by conference and by written dispatch.

And while I was up there as CO SU, one day I got removed. The messenger came over - I just want to show you how things can get altered. LRH lived in a house not a hundred yards from where I was in my office. And a messenger came over and told me I was removed. It was an "LRH order". And that I was to go down to Estates and work in the garden. And I said, "Well, I'd like a Comm-Ev, because I don't know why this is. My stats are not bad, etc, etc". She says, "Well, it's an LRH Order. Are you going to do it or not?". I said, "Well, since you say it's an LRH Order, then it must be, because messengers never lie."

You see, that was their thing. They never lie, they said it was an LRH Order, it was. So I said "All right I'll do that" and "I'll go down there, and I'll request a Comm-Ev on lines." And she said, "OK, turn over to your Chief Officer." So I did. And I was down there working on a tractor and then another messenger came by and said, "What are you doing down here working on a tractor?"

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