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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

Now, that was the start of all these missions, that went to discover, what was going on in Interpol, find out what data they had on us, the missions to various governments, to various groups, organizations, banks, IRS people, and so on like that. That was all under this heading of "Snow White". Get these documents and "Dead Agent" them.

OK, so the Spain recovery one. We did a PR cruise to Spain without LRH and MSH on board. They stayed down in Morocco with the family. Of course they were still safe and happy and enjoyed their birthday parties and their nights out and so on like that.

And the Spain recovery mission was partially successful. We found out, that the main protest against us - the "Apollo" being there - was from Madrid. And so at that time a mission came up to Madrid to try and handle the thing, and it was found out the data came from Interpol and they didn't know what to do about it. And it was therefore necessary to do a mission on Interpol, which you have probably read about in that book, The Exposure of Interpol, written by Vaughn Young, I believe. Anyway, that's all assimilable data, but that's how it fits in with Spain.

Now, also anybody's name, by the way, that was connected with the ship in those days, the Senior Officers and so on, is in the Interpol files, and it's also in the "Enemy List" file in the United States and that means "enemies of the state". And those names are all in there, all the top GO names (the good guys, anyway), and the top SO names (the good Sea Org people),are all in those files.

But anyway, the CO EU mission was coming up there that year, and I went up to EU and you know the story there. I started the Orgs and so on going and also the CLO going there with EU "on source and on purpose teams" and just expanding the hell out of it.

And the thing is, we expanded quite well until people realized we were making a lot of money over there and then just...- the GO had to jump in there, everybody had to jump in there, and get their cut of the pie and put limitations on things and so on like that - ... and that's one reason why later on, the Boss said: 'Nothing applies to EU except his own orders.' And those were the same orders that were successful in EU, when I was there, and anybody else's orders, that came into there was always unsuccessful. Because we just did LRH Policy and what he would do on starting up an area like that, and that was successful and nobody else's stuff was ever looked at. And I had filed a whole trunk full of that stuff at FOLO, or the CLO,and it was never used. And apparently that's the same successful action, that Guillaume uses today, I don't know. We just used what LRH put down, and applied that. So, that was going on and in all 1971 I was up in Europe.

In 1972 we got this ship, the "Commodore Queen". Again, here's a story of my Q & A as an executive.

I went over and got the ship out of England, because I knew that any ship in England would be seized by the people that tried to seize the "Apollo" back in 1967.

The Commodore wasn't at the Flag Ship at the time. He was visiting the United States, visiting his family and so on. So I sailed the ship over to Cherbourg, France with a picked crew from EU and we put it into position for a refit over there, since the Sea Org had bought it. And then Wally Burgess came up to take over the ship. First, they thought I had hijacked it and stolen it. No, I was just taking it out of danger. That's part of my hat as a Captain. And then the next thing was, they ordered Wally to take it back to England without changing the Flag. I knew that was a disaster. And I sent a telex down to Flag, and said that should NOT be done. I called Wally on the phone. I said, "Don't take it across with the English flag on it. They'll seize it." Blah, blah, blah.

I Q'd & A'd. They said they would Comm-Ev me if I did anything about it and so on like that, and 'you can't countermand orders from Flag'. And I said, "Oh well, what the hell, let 'em find out." See, that's a Q&A, really. I didn't stand up for my integrity at that time.

And Wally dutifully sailed the ship over to England and it was seized and we lost the ship.

And I look back on that as Q&A. I don't do that anymore. So, I'm going to hold on to the correct line until the ENEMY Qs& As, you see? Not me. They do!

So anyway, I had... - in '72 I had also finished the EU trip there. They reckoned I made a bad joke about FOLO. I said that, "A FOLO is a CLO with its brains kicked out", when I was at Flag at one time. And they used it a year later, the Staff Captain that is, Sandra Johnson, used it in an eval to prove that I was anti-FOLO. And removed me.

This was '72. I just got back from the EU CLO mission and I'd brought back these graphs of the Affluent stats, and the 10X-ing, 20 X-ing of various stats and so on, bringing the EU area from a yearly income of 100 grand up to 2 million dollars,and a few other things like that.

And they wanted to send me out to "Forming Org" Chicago with my wife and make us "disappear", you see? I say they -that's Sandra Johnson and Jill Carlstrom - Get rid of us, see. Little too threatening there.

And Mary Sue telexed the Boss over to the United States and told him what was up. And he telexed back and said, "No Chicago for Capt. Bill. He's promoted to 2nd Deputy Commodore and his first job is to Comm-Ev the Staff Captain Sandra Johnson and Jill Carlstrom."

So I did Comm-Ev them. I called a Comm-Ev on them and they were demoted for being, you know suppressive toward upstats and so on like that.

And then the Boss, when he came back to the ship, he wrote up a nice Commendation, and made me some kind of a bonus. I got out of that my permanent Class VIII for doing C/Sing in French in Paris and a few other things. He also gave me responsibilities on overseeing ships and training and various other activities. Also overseeing the Captain at that time of the ship, I was over him, which was Norman Starkey.

I trained up more ships' officers and people in navigation and did some other things with helping the ship get more efficient. And we were cruising through Portugal and Spain at that time.

And it's interesting, because the Spanish OTL - it wasn't a liaison office yet, just a comm station actually, it was well yeah, an OTL - and the Spanish one, I think that was the year that it got thrown in jail. The guys there, I think it was Mike Douglas and somebody else.

You'll find this in the records, but they all got arrested there on some crazy charge that got relayed over by the United States,by the Government, that we were trafficking in drugs through Spain and this was the connection point and all. And the police came in, threw everybody in jail, treated them badly - they didn't torture them exactly, but they didn't give them much to eat and they kept them in isolation cells, wouldn't let them talk or see any lawyers or anything like that.

Finally they got word out by one person that hadn't been there. He found out they were in jail and he got a comm back to theship. They sent a mission up to handle it. And they finally got a lawyer and got them out of jail. And they didn't find anydrugs, of course, they didn't find any evidence, and they finally had to let them go. Well, that was the scene in Spain.

And then - so we set up an OTL in Lisbon, 'cause the Spanish one sort of didn't work too well, and they also gave Krasnianski the job then of getting the PR going in Madrid, you know, because Madrid was kind of a hot area. That was Krasnianski's job, to get OTL PR going in Madrid there. Meet all the right people. Get all the things we needed done there and make sure we didn't get hit with these damn things unexpectedly like this again. 'Cause we were still using Spanish ports.

At that time, the only thing on the ship was, we had to inform Madrid if we were coming into Spain so they could OK it at the Maritime Agencies. And they did. The Minister of Marine OK'ed all our comings and goings. No other ship in the world had to do this of course. This was just because they at least believed that we weren't as bad as they said. Although one newspaper, when the guy Carrero Blanco, one of Franco's guys, got assassinated, there was one newspaper that wrote up a story that said we had done it.

However, we weren't even in a Spanish port at that time. I believe we were in Madera. But there was that kind of attitude at that time. There was always some reporter coming around trying to get a story on the "mystery ship Apollo". What was it really? And what was it doing?

Our cover at that time was Management Services and Management Consulting and training people which we WERE doing. It was all true. Most of the management was for the Church, of course, but we also had some shore things going as well.

Anyway, that 1972 passed in such fashion, visiting various ports and so on, improving PR, and trying to get the GO again to HANDLE most of these government attacks on the OUTSIDE. But they were not very successful at this, and we know the reason why.

Meanwhile, LRH and his family are very safe and they still go to the movies and they're still together. And we actually had a premiere of a movie in Portugal, in Lisbon, where we rented a theater, and the whole ship went there.

It was a premiere of a movie by a Scientology director, Milton Katselas. It's his "Butterflies are Free" film. We were at the World Premiere shown there and LRH and MSH were there. The whole crew was there. It was great.

And in 1973, we visited various ports such as Dakar, Las Palmas, Madera, The Azores - we sailed through the Azores. We went to Spanish ports in the North of Spain, Portuguese ports, and so on. This is mostly a ship year and we were also handling some third party stuff that was coming down from England, through the English government. And they were trying to send these phony newspaper reporters aboard and get 'stories'. And we were also getting about 2 or 3 a year of 'false recruits' that were being sent in, that were hypnotized and drugged to come aboard and kill LRH. But we caught every one of them at HCO and sent them packing off the ship. So that was how the year passed. Now 1974, things got a little warm. And I mean by that in the beginning of the year I was sent out on a "New Civilization" Tour. This was LRH's big push for the New Civilization on the planet and it was a tour to go around and promote this and recruit lots of people for the Orgs and for the Sea Org.

Now, I went with Arthur, Arthur Hubbard, and two musicians and Pat Gualteri and Hal Holmes and a communicator. And those - there were about 6 or 7 of us - and we went to, oh, ten or twelve different cities in the United States sand Canada. However, the interesting thing about this tour - although it was very successful - we had 525 Sea Org recruits and about 150 Org recruits and about half those Sea Org recruits had to work at the Org to finish their contract first, but it was still a lot of recruitment. And that was in just three months. We were on this tour and some interesting things happened to show you that the enemy, although they are slow on the uptake, when they do see something to them that seems dangerous, they do take action on it.

Our event was a very powerful event, showing the decay of "modern" civilization and how a New Civilization could be made with Scientology. It was very aesthetic, well planned, and so on. At Washington D.C., the event was tape recorded by an agent - government - and he was spotted in the audience with a tape recorder and so on. He was the only one there with bad indicators. And he apparently gave this to his seniors.

Now, a couple of cities later, we find in Minneapolis that there was a threat to assassinate Arthur and myself by high-powered rifle, which we turned over to the GO at the time, and they provided some protection. This threat was actually called to the motel where we were staying and given to me by the manager.

And we got some protection there and at the same location, we did the event that night anyway, and the psychiatry fraction in town sent in two people that were designed to go crazy in the event and cause a big flap. And the GO guys were doing a good job there at that place and they caught them at the door and turned them away.

We went on to Vancouver, and in Vancouver the local psychiatrist there, who was one of the SMERSH guys, gave a teen-age gang, one of those leather-jacket gangs, about 25 guys, teenagers - gave them drugs and told them to go break upthe meeting that this "phony Church" was having. 'It wasn't really a Church, it was trying to get off of people', and so on. 'Go break up the meeting and scare everybody' and 'run 'em out of there'.

And they did. As soon as the meeting started, the doors burst open, 25 guys ran in swinging motorcycle chains and yelling and screaming and so on like that. And I just did 'Bring Order!', 'HCO Bring Order!, and 350 Scientologists got up and mobbed THEM ALL out the doors.

And then the GO guy there went out and talked with them, and the leader - and the leader was so shook up - he'd never had anything like that happen. He came back in and apologized to us and said this psychiatrist had given them drugs and told them to do it.

And the GO got all the data and the name and everything like that and the guys apologized and said that they didn't believe we were a Church, but they know we must be a Church now, because nobody would have that kind of togetherness in spirit to throw them all out of an auditorium. It was just FAST.

So we did that. And then this report went back to the ship and then LRH got a little bit concerned for Arthur's safety because the next place we were going was L.A. and it was presumed that since the gradient was increasing, there might be bombs or something like that planted in the auditorium. So the tour was called off at that point.

Just to show you that '74 was a nice year for attacks, we went back to the ship. And in September of that year, or early October, was when the "Rock Festival" happened in Madera.

I say "Rock Festival". It's not a musical event. It was a war, actually. That was when the American Embassy had tipped off the local Communist Party there that the 'Apollo' was a CIA ship. Portugal had just gone through the throes of its revolution,so at the time it was very 'left wing'.

And the Communists formed a big mob with torches and stones and rocks and everything and they came down to burn the ship. About 250 of them. And we fought them off for two hours and finally the local maritime police showed up with machine guns and dispersed the mob after they had knocked the Harbor-Master nearly unconscious in front of our ship with a 'two by four'. And we took him on board, gave him First Aid and he called some tug-boats and took us out to anchor where we would be safe.

At that point LRH said - there was also some guys of our crew chased with knives down the street and so on - but still, no one got hurt from our side. Well, two people got knocked out by rocks, but they just didn't stay down. But none of the family was hurt. LRH was not hurt. Mary Sue was not hurt. Nobody else was hurt.

And LRH decided then that it was time to leave this area. It was getting a little too bit agitated by these US Government people. When we traced back the lines it always came from the United States and that was when a guy named Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State. The orders were coming from his office through the Embassies and CIA.

And we decided to secretly just sail across the Atlantic and go into the Caribbean. We did that. We went to Bermuda, and at Bermuda there was a CIA local resident there who tipped off the - we were intending to go into Charleston, South Carolina first and land in the United States and go right in there and handle these guys - but the guy in Bermuda, the CIA agent, tipped off the United States that we were coming - the FBI and so on - and they had 163 agents lining the docks.

And we got warned about that by our port mission and some good GO guys that heard about the pretended 'arrest' - they were going to 'arrest' LRH and so on, on some of these tax cases because they knew he was coming to the United States inCharleston.

Some [government] guy was bragging about this in Hawaii and wasn't aware of the time difference or something or thought it already had happened. Our guy in Hawaii got on the telex, and he telexed somebody in England and England telexed back and they finally got the people down in Charleston and they called us on the radio and we turned around the ship at about 15 miles out from the port, right outside the 12 mile limit, and didn't go in there. So, 163 agents didn't have anything for breakfast, namely us.

And that's a well known story, too, and that was right after the "Rock Festival" in Madera. So let me tell you, we've seen afew of these things and the guys on the ship, the guys that worked with LRH, they're all good fighters.

So we went down to the Caribbean, through the Bahamas and so on. And finally the State Department of the United Stateswith Kissinger at the wheel - you know Kissinger is one of the top SMERSH guys, as you know - a Public Relations man normally, although he opens his mouth a little bit too much most of the time - but he's one of the 'evil beings' on the planet.

He then started telexing his Embassies and so on in Barbados and Curacao, and what's the name of that place with all the oil and stuff there? Oh yeah - I've got it written right here - Oh yeah, I know what it is. This goes into 1975, I've just got to bring you up a year. Barbados, Trinidad and Curacao. We had attacks in all those places.

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