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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

So I went down to the government office building and tried to get her address from them... from the Attorney General's people down there, the court people, that were trying her. And all they gave me was Mulligan's address over at the Cedars. In the Legal Department, run by his wife, Anne Mulligan.

So that's the way it went. The government was totally "cozy"" with the GO, you see? Because really, the government shouldn't have anything to do with the Church. It's just a little mixing up of Church and State. They should have given me Mary Sue's lawyer's address. Mulligan was not her lawyer. She was being tried as an individual, not as a member of the Church.

If you know the case very well, you will know she was being tried as an individual, to protect the Church, and not have it affiliated with her. In other words, she was "taking the rap". She was "taking the rap". And my heart goes out to Mary Sue. She took the big rap for all those ass-holes that were sitting in there, and those other ass-holes that were too "afraid" to do anything about the Mulligans and Alan Hubbert. Ass-holes! And the Okamotos and all that shit. And there they are sitting there... and the threat against them is that they'll "lose their bridge", that they'll be "declared SP". Well, who gives a God-Damn! We won't even have a Church if we don't do something about these ass-holes!

Anyway, so I went on for a little, I wrote up to Bill Franks by this time. I figured he might do something although I knew he was a puppet under the Watchdog Committee at that time. I figured he might be able to do something. I wrote up to him and told him where all this data was: With Molly Bernstein, the debriefs on Clearwater, and the political scene... - by the way,when I was Comm-Ev'ed, they wouldn't let me out of SU until after the elections in Clearwater. And our candidate, the pro-Scientology one, did not win because none of the strategy that Dafna and I had planned, and tried to get OK'ed by the Boss... - which was blocked from getting to him - never got applied. And the candidate that did get in was the "middle" candidate who then held the "inquiry" on Scientology this year. OK. So there's another way to keep the Church from expanding and turn it over to the fucking government.

Anyway, the debrief, yes... - now there's a debrief at the CMO INT... - it's probably been burned, destroyed or put in the B-1 files, but you can find it there at CMO INT. It would be in HCO. It's under my Comm-Ev. They'd have my Comm-Ev up there in CMO INT. You'd have... - the debriefs I did, would be in the debrief files at CMO INT. There's the tape debrief, of course, at Flag with the AG Flag's office. Molly Bernstein's no longer, by the way, the A6 Flag. I don't know where she is. She's gone. And the debrief to CMO, to Janadir Swanson. She's gone too, by the way. All the old messengers are gone from there.

Janadir was the only one that "sort of" believed, you know, but she was sort of influenced by the GO. And she's gone now. And Marge Bryenton, the Ethics Officer in PAC, who was keeping the files of Dafna and myself, for us, a very bright little girl, and very on-source, you know... but she couldn't do anything from her post, it was so low on the org board, but she at least kept things for us. And she's now gone, too. And Joe Lisa, well, the last I heart about him after the Franchise Meeting in December, he was declared PTS III, when he said that he was actually there at the Franchise Meeting to actually "spy" for the GO. They declared him PTS III. Anyway, that's on... - you'll hear that on some of Peter Greene's debrief tape... all that stuff. I wasn't personally there, but I do know he was a coward, back in 1981.

Anyway, the final result was that: I couldn't get through to Mary Sue. I didn't know where she was. The auditor wouldn't take a message. I couldn't send one up through Jimmy Mulligan now, could I? So I knew that line was blocked.

So what I decided to do was, then, to find LRH and maybe we could get some action going on that. I would be very willing to do the mission myself. And I just wanted to make sure that somebody in the Church was not a coward. And my whole time in PAC was spent, besides doing the intelligence work on these people, and getting the files assembled and so on, was spent in trying to find people or Scientologists who were not cowards. Who would stand up for what was right. Who would not Q&A with evil when they saw it in the Church. Who would make a stand. Dafna did a whole campaign, in cartoon style, against B-1 files, the secrecy in the B-i files, the fact you could never see them and so on. The mission holders brought this up in 1981. We did this a year before that, and got a lot of mission-holders interested in it. They finally brought it up to Flag in 1981 and for a while people were actually "told" they could look at their B-l files. But it was very short lived, because when the first guy tried to do it, he couldn't. So there was a lot of data that was put in the files about Scientologists.

We found some horrible stuff about how the Field in San Francisco was destroyed by another... oh, by the way this is another plant, from San Francisco area. A girl named Kathy O'Gorman, used to be the AG at flag. She's definitely suppressive. Tried to destroy every successful person in the San Francisco area. Then came down to Flag and did a totally ineffective job against the Clearwater Mafia.

And she was so sweet... and 1.1... everybody "loved" her... I'm sorry, I thought she was great myself, at one time. But then I found out the data and... if you investigate it just ask anybody that has run a franchise in the San Francisco area in the early 70's and you'll find out what she did to them.

She actually was the one who declared Werner Earhart, before he started EST. And all he was doing was trying to make away to make a lot of money for the Church up there and he wanted them to do his new introductory course. And she said,"No, that's squirrel!" And "You're declared." and so on like that, without even listening to the guy. So he went off and founded EST. So she's actually the person that... - you could call her responsible for... - starting up a squirrel group. She didn't have any Justice in the area. It was just, "Shoot them, shoot them, shoot them. Declare them PTS Type III, shoot them, shoot them." Like that. Anyway, that's not Scientology, and we all know that.

So I tried to find the Boss and the thing was that I did not. And I don't want anybody to believe that I have physically seen the Boss since 1981. I haven't. I have not gotten into physical communication with him.

However, ever since I was trained on the Briefing Course in 1965 and then interned in 1966, I have been able to have Spiritual communication with LRH, and I have gotten in Spiritual communication with him. And my actions, since the time of 1981, in the summer, when I went to look for him, have been coordinated with that Spiritual communication line to him.

So, anything that I am doing, and you hear of me doing, don't believe all the Ethics Orders you see, because there's also MY side of the story.

If you will investigate any of these things - now watch yourself when you investigate them, to make sure that you don't get shot yourself; because there are other things I can tell you - Lists. Lists of top Scientologists who were in a "hit list" that wereput in by the FBI plants into the Church. These people were to be "gotten". Data from their PC files, data from their Ethics records, anything like that - to make them "ineligible" and to get rid of them from high positions.

And most of these people are "done" now. They mostly are the Class XII auditors that worked with LRH, the Senior Execsthat worked with LRH, the messengers that worked with LRH. These people are all gone now.

The only people that are left are the ones that Q&A, and walk around like little puppy dogs and puppets. And I don't know,I'm sure that Bill Franks has a story about this - why he got removed; and I'm sure that any of the other people that got shot,that were loyal to LRH, and the REAL Loyal Officers, have a story to tell.

But the main thing is that the real loyal people are still here. They never give up. And LRH never gives up on any of his shots.

And the government, apparently, is just trying to take over administrative control of the Church and run it into Receivership,and then suck all the Tech under its wing, drop the Shades of Night over it (from PDC 21, and use it for the "very select few".

Because you better believe they know it works. If it didn't work they wouldn't be so interested in taking it over. It's just like a secret weapon.

But anyway, the Boss had always tried to keep it nonpolitical, and anything we do outside of the Church has to be done onour own.

But the basic thing is to get the organization at the top. The guys who were trying to get the Church at the top - now we getthem at their top. And their top is not in the United States. The United States is a puppet. England is a puppet. Spain is apuppet. Any country is a puppet to these guys who are behind the scenes - the World Bank is one of their "front" groups. These guys are behind the scenes and they work behind the banking lines, they work on scenarios, computer scenarios, andI told you the name of the top guy, and that's J. Strasburg, and he works out of Switzerland and Germany.

And any attacks that we do as OT's is against this son-of-a-bitch, and there IS an Ethics Order out on him, written by LRH. Therefore, any attack we do on these guys will be at the top.

And don't you believe they know it? Because these are not just enemies of this lifetime. These guys are the ones that are responsible for a lot of the implanting in this Sector.

Now, I've sort of brought you up to date here. Any time you want to use this - you know there's lots more data but the thing is that we've got: The PTS's in the Church, the people that BELIEVE these plants, the people that don't see them, the people that have the wool pulled over their eyes by suppression, the people that are too AFRAID because they might "lose" their bridge, the people that are too AFRAID because they might be declared "PTS" or "SP", the people that were totally fooled -like Herbie for instance.

I warned him about the Sea Org Reserves. I said "Man, the government will try to grab our money, look at all the tax cases against the Church, look at the individual IRS cases on the rich Scientologists, that pushed donations to the Church, look at the civil suits for millions and hundred of millions in the United States against the Church". I said, "Man, HIDE the Sea Org Reserves and don't let anybody get it." And when I called him to warn him on that in 1981, he was being Comm-Eved!

For "not keeping right records" or something. Who was calling the Comm-EV? Jimmy Mulligan. And I warned him. He didtake the warning at that time, and he got out of the Comm-EV somehow. But later on, of course, he got caught in the GOComm-EV. He just didn't take enough action.

All these guys were warned. They all had a chance. And I knew that anybody that was warned and didn't take action wasgonna fall. And they were gonna fall badly. Now these guys did. Because they never woke up.

Anyway, your data files, in the B-1... - if there's a campaign.. - one thing if you're over in Europe, there's certain things to avoid, and these things to avoid are these secret files, these secret B-1 files.

Everyone should be able to see their B-1 file. Just like an Ethics file. Because that's were they can put the lies that will follow you around for years and years and years. Like, of course, my "hallucinations", right?

Now, as I say, you could talk to Joe Lisa and you'll find out that everything he checked out on my story was true. And hegot afraid to carry on. Cause he was afraid.

But you could check out the FBI secret headquarters on Ventura Blvd, out in Encino, California. The address is on an Ethics Order I wrote on Alan Hubbert. I've written Ethics Orders on him and I've written an Ethics Order on Bob Thomas,declaring him Suppressive.

That's my hat. Second Deputy Commodore. And I've written an Ethics Order on Lou Schribnik, who is the person who introduced Darby Simpson into the Church - she's sort of a "controlled doll" - you understand, she's been PDHed pretty badly.

And she's the one that tried to kick John Travolta out of the Church, and she's been doing her best to put control in and rip money off of the Celebrity lines - and the best data on that is to just talk to Alex Sibersky will tell you a story on that or Liz Ausley. They can give you the data on her actions, and her sister's actions, and her father, who is a government guy himself. But her monitor, her monitor is this guy name Schribnik. He doesn't work for the United States Government. He works directly for Switzerland.

If anybody will even have the courage enough to go over there, or the money enough to go over to Encino, to check the secret headquarters, you'll find in the basements... as you go in the door in the front, the stairs go down on the right and you go down to the basement, the first door on the right, there's the basement files... and that's where all the files are that the FBI stole from us in 1977.

Right now, my purposes are to continue with OT projects. And to continue to put Ethics in on the real SP's on the Planet...-not the people that... - not these little "play things", these little "play" pieces of paper that the Church keeps flitting about. But the real evil beings, the people who are actually in charge of the Suppression. Not the people who are PTS to it. Not the people who are PHD'd. Not those kind of people. They can all be handled. But the guys who INTEND, INTEND these things to happen.

Because expansion is so easy, just as it was in Europe, just as it is in Europe. Where there's no suppression on the lines,LRH's tech goes in, the policy goes in, and expansion happens as fast as you can have it. And it does that wherever I've applied it... in Europe, in A.O.L.A.... expansion just goes - zoom! - like that! And the only time it ever stops is because of Suppression. That's all there is to it. And you don't have to believe that, that it's "suppression" or anything, you can make all kind of reasons about it, but if you just go ahead and do what LRH says, you keep expanding. So you don't worry about that. Just go ahead and flourish and prosper.

So the thing now is to continue on the OT projects, and these are basically the projects that LRH started out in 1967, and as I know, he always continues and completes postulates.

And since I'm his Loyal Officer, and his Deputy, I DO TOO. And I don't need anyone's license to survive. I don't need anyone's permission. I don't need anyone's approval. I will just go ahead and DO THIS and I will DO IT WELL and I will do it JUST AS LRH WANTS IT DONE.

And that's about all I can give you on this debrief tape right now. Anything else is a little bit confidential. It might get into the wrong hands.

But there will be some changes that are being made on this planet right now. They ARE being made on this planet right nowby OT's and OT teams.

And the SP's know it. And they're getting a bit frantic. And we are carrying on and we will do the job. And there ARE things happening, right now, on this planet that will change its future - FOREVER. And put it more ON SOURCE.

So that's the end of this debrief

Thank you very much.

Captain Bill

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