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The Dane Tops Debrief

Providing full and complete data is more than just ethical, it is mandatory on the bridge to freedom. As we have previously mentioned, providing complete historical background information is only one step towards total honesty and truthfulness. A step that must be taken if we are all to benefit from technology that has proven itself workable. (The term "workable" will probably be approached by us some time in the future.)1

The following letter, which has been purposely denied and ignored by us, can now be brought to light. We do this with the knowledge that public acceptance of our honesty and truthfulness can only come about with a sincere effort on our part. We cannot deny that the following information is uncomfortable for us. We also cannot deny that we are now willing to confront that part and to deal with it.

Please understand that our goal is to create a new beginning once we have full handled our shadowy past. These posts are but one small step in that direction.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International

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ca. June 1983.

Hello, I am a highly trained OT and staff member. I want to talk to all my friends and hope you will circulate this comm to others and get in better comm from it. I believe the current problems in the C of S are due to a completely hidden third party who is the source of trouble. Please bear me out.

The APPARENCY of the problem is between the "field" (including splinter groups) and the MANAGEMENT, including the Financial Police. The current opposition between these factions has caused untold devastation to the Church. However, I believe NEITHER SIDE is the source of trouble-although EACH SIDE believes the OTHER SIDE is source. I do not know who this hidden WHO is but it has been there a very long time.

A complete data analysis should go back at least to 1965 when ethics conditions first came out, possibly earlier. Since 1965 forward one can view the use of heavy force to control, fear tactics, and physical restraint, etc. Those who were there remember the inception of these methods. From that time forward, one finds the misuse of ethics conditions on persons with great enturbulation resulting... one finds additives to the ethics conditions in the form of make-wrong mechanisms including outright physical body punishment. One finds ARCX (ARC breaks) occurring, some severe enough to cause former upstats to leave altogether. It is true that some people left before this time, but it was due to the case strain from running research processes. So from 1965 on, we find individuals who had heavy force used against them or who were assigned wrong conditions--then made wrong about the wrong condition. An example of grossly applied wrong ethics was when John McMaster was thrown overboard on the Flag ship (a practice used commonly on erroring auditors), broke his arm on the way down and made to tread water for 3 hours while begging to be pulled in as he did have a broken arm. McMaster left Scn because of "misuse of ethics" and no one ever got back this chief spokesperson, a top class 8 auditor. This public opinion leader was responsible for thousands of thousands of people coming into Scn. This is one example, but this sort of thing happened to many many persons..

((John McMaster was the first real Clear produced by Scientology tech besides Ron himself. He claimed he was personally responsible for much of the Grade V Power Levels that later came to be used in the Church, and the importance of his leaving in disgust can not be overstated. McMaster died in 1992, leaving behind him many tapes of personal interviews made during the years after he left the Church.))

Every few years a new wide scale internal suppression arises. When the protest becomes too great, everyone involved plus a few scapegoats are declared as source but then the cycle repeats itself--two or so years later--and a new wide scale horror story of some other misused force comes up. The WHY of this occurrence is never found. The stories are there, but let it be said that an era started in which the IDEA OF USING FORCE rather than ARC seems to have been introduced about that time resulting in various dramatizations--each followed by a cleanup attempt. The cleanups, although correcting the existing scenes at the time rarely went back and picked up the pieces, i.e. the keyed in, blown Scientologists, or the ones who had reduced their size and sphere of influence as a result of the force used on them. Amnesties were an attempt to bring the people back, but the majority did not come back on the amnesty as the amnesty did not indicate the correct BPC (by passed charge) the people were sitting in. Thus Scn did not keep its people. The turnover of staff became a routine joke. The highly dedicated most able were left behind. Thousands of excellent auditors, CSes, sups and admin personnel who would have stayed indefinitely for low pay and long hours, were left behind after each of these 3rd dynamic dramatizations of "purifying" the organization.

Very able tech terminals and record stat-producing people such as John McMaster and Rocky Stump do not suddenly "turn SP"-nor were they "SP all along, but finally found out". A true SP would never have been able to produce phenomenal stats over a long period of time and of course could never have been able to duplicate and use the tech nor embody the spirit of Scn. The idea that a person could do this and then suddenly, after many years of such service, "show his true colors" is as erroneous as it is absurd. SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THESE GUYS. They CAN be fixed but - - it is done. Prior stats are not viewed, only some CURRENT situation. The basic goodness of a person is not viewed, just the CURRENT restim then the attempt to destroy it because it is entheta...we do not perceive the source of the fellow going south. Actions against people are justified by the use of the concept that it wouldn't be that way if "he hadn't pulled it in". Eval and inval. This concept of "unreasonableness" has been interpreted to mean that the person is not to be duplicated as to sequence he went through so as to arrive in such a situation. Thus no true understanding exists. Without true understanding, the SOLUTION is bound to be DESTRUCTIVE.

Let us go back to the famous meeting that took place on Flag at the end of 1981. That meeting took some days and it was hot and heavy. In that meeting, forty plus top stat-producing mission holders grouped together in a room on Flag and they placed Flag management in a lower condition. They told the management that if the situation was not corrected there were going to be splinter groups. They explained that there was a very very large disconnected, ARCXn field out there. They explained that the suits against the Church were the Church's failure to handle. This enturbulated some of the Flag management and rightly so, BECAUSE IT WAS A WRONG CONDITION AND INDICATION. The VISIBLE Flag management was NOT in a lower condition according to the data they had. Neither were the mission holders in a lower condition. In fact neither party was at fault--although both thought that the other was. In spite of the enturbulation caused to Flag management from being assigned a wrong condition, the two groups started to comm and events started to occur to clean up the problems. The mission holders and other leaders were allowed to set up an office in FOLO. ((Flag Operations Liason Office)) They (mission holders) heard the cases of hundreds of Scientologist who were inactive/off lines, ARCXn, sitting for years in a mis-assigned condition, etc. These people were contacted through public meetings held by the leaders.

The meetings were hot and heavy because each of the attending persons was loaded with his own personal BPC from his own lost bridge. Through the meetings, lines were established, and each person was sent to the FOLO office so that the time and care needed for a personalized handle could be given and the people gotten back on the bridge. These meetings were open to anyone and everyone no matter how long they had been out of the Church and no matter what they had done. Needless to say, the meetings were absolutely packed with highly trained OTs and ex-staff who were all inactive in PT ((Present Time)). Over 20 inactive class 8s were rehabbed the first month. The second major stat of these meetings was that people suing the C of S were contacted by the leaders of the meetings and other volunteers. The list was given to the mission holders--so obviously there was some co-operation going on, as well as permission to set up the office in FOLO. It was discovered that each of these suits boiled down to non-delivery of the bridge. In other words someone paid money but left at the end of the service in an ARCX about the delivery. It was found that each of these persons cleaned up easily on two-way comm and proper indications and otherwise standard tech, and that they dropped the suit. Over 70 suits were contacted. In these meetings a lot of charge came off. Some people came out of curiosity and got charged because they hadn't known about the upsets that existed. The huge majority of tone, however, was of relief; great relief, because one could say anything, be acked, listened to without eval. The person then was given a line to handle their grievance--that line was helpful, not evaluative and interested only in getting them back on the bridge. That line was willing to take the time and space to do what needed to be done (at no money charge) and that line was not willing to waste people nor were they desirous of it. That line also had the beginnings of authority to publicly indicate past slanders of persons by wrong conditions assignments, an action necessary to fully blow the charge for the person and the group. Also, these mission holders were highly trained people, thus able to as-is what would look to a lower-trained person like only "natter". Rather than "NATTER" an unbiased trained person sees out lists, wrong whys, MW/H's of nothing, wrong condition assignment, and ARCXs on not thereness, BPC, etc. etc. etc.

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