The L Rundowns


The L's, developed in 1968 - 71 as a result of researching levels above OT III, are the ancestors of such modern technical actions as Expanded Dianetics and the False Purpose Rundown, and should be considered an "OT Grade II" type handling.

The technical breakthrough was powerful in that it actually cut through the normal protective mechanisms of the mind, and began to answer the question, "Why does an OT 'restrain' himself and cease to behave as an OT?"

Each rundown is designed to terminatedly handle a specific area of case. The L's are not grades in themselves but specially targeted "case boosters." The basic tech comes from researching the apparent "self-sabotage" of an OT's abilities. They're a special class of rundown; they enable an increase in a being's power by addressing the core postulate destabilization factors underlying insanity and suppressiveness.

Part of the discovery was that this higher level tech could be applied much lower down on the Bridge to greatly accelerate progress by undercutting the reactive mind's barriers to confronting, and more directly handling those self-generated but resistive factors which suppress the being's native capacity to Do, Be and Have across the dynamics. In other words, those things that can deceptively "make" a person make himself far less powerful and causative as a thetan--i.e., the basic false intentions and identities inhibiting one's dynamics--are erased. Properly done, and tailored, the R/D's can greatly stabilize a case by handling the core factors underlying psychosis and suppression.

The L's are not rote procedures and require expertise to run them. The auditor's metering and TRs have to be excellent and there is no room for flubs. So don't audit these rundowns on a PC or PreOT until your auditing is up to standard and there is full comprehension of the data and theory.

In all the "L" rundowns (L-10, L-11, and L-12), the PC or PreOT is specifically C/S'd and fully set up first with a C/S 53 and GF40 expanded as indicated.

NOTE: The "Ls" may be administered in various sequences. Depending upon case aspects encountered, the Rundowns may be Case Supervised in a very "tailored" fashion; e.g., "L-11" is often done first as a booster before L-10 on advanced and stable cases. (A case in good shape and clear and above should be able to blow any Evil Purpose confused with the First Dynamic easily, and can then better maximize gains available from L-10.) within each "L" the Rundown steps are usually run in the normal sequence.




L-10 is designed to handle directly hidden and misowned evil purposes, past identities (PIs) and the resultant "solutions" (illness, disability, PTSness) to these that a thetan uses to reactively restrain "himself' on the various dynamics. The person regains his ability and power to ethically do those things he intends to do without liability to others, and as a result, he can be, and is, more at cause than before. L-10 removes these self-imposed restraints, while at the same time enabling a being to ethically and gradually release its power and native ability to create the rational self-limiting agreements necessary to play a Game (8 Dynamics).

Since a being is basically good, it has no evil purposes native to its own beingness. It can, however, unknowingly connect to, and associate reactively with, valences or identities that are dramatizing implanted evil that exists on other dynamics than the thetan's own first dynamic. (Prior to Clear a being is below awareness of "being" these valences; he is chronically and obsessively endowing or misowning them as "self." The "Clear Cognition" unmocks this confusion and provides differentiation from, and erasure of, the associated mental mass mistaken for 'self,' thus restoring certainty of the authentic individuality of the first dynamic, and freedom from sub-volitional mental picturing on that dynamic.)

L-l0, done thoroughly, handles misowned past identities and evil purposes at different depths, depending on case level. It boosts the individual's confront and responsibility level, and consequently raises his doingness level, because the thetan's self-imposed restraint of what are falsely considered its own "evil" actions, purposes and beingness are erased.



L-10 is not restricted to those who have completed OT III; however, it is normally done on lower-level cases only when there is severe PTSness or suppressive tendency, and on higher level PreOTs that have any residual tendency to be slower gain cases. The only prerequisites to L-l0 are a complete NED Drug Rundown and Expanded Grades. It may not be done in the Non-interference Zone between clearing actions and 0Th'. It can be also done before or after NOTS, or on a case that has any remaining resistive, "roller-coaster" or unethical behavior tendencies.

Note: All assessing is done Method-6 (the L-l0 method of assessing a list.) You look at the PC or PreOT (not the body) and ask him directly, and with a declarative, high-intention TR- 1, every item or question on the list (Tape 7106C12)



I. L-l0 Prior Assessment (PA)
II. 8 Dynamic Rundown
III. Considerations Rundown
IV. Connections Rundown
V. Enemy Rundown
VI. Greatest Overt
VII. Evil Purpose Multiple Flow
VIII. Lie Rundown
IX. L-10 Results Assessment (RA)

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