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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

We had run into this one in Clearwater, this was a definite Government agent named Nancy Sadgwick, Nancy Sadgwick. Obviously operating for the "evil side of the force" as you might say. She was trying to keep any upstat person off the lines,and anybody that could upset the little "applecarts" of the Government, and was preventing or shooting anyone that went outand did PR in Clearwater. Anyone that tried to make friends in Clearwater, she would just shoot the shit out of them, or threaten them. She would keep people off lines, declare them PTS III, just the general suppression.

Anyway, I also found out from an entirely separate source at this time data about an upcoming "coup" in Mexico, which could affect our operations down there, and I debriefed on that, and this was from a source, and old friend of mine who was a gun runner. He had nothing to do with Scientology but it could affect our operations down there. And I asked them to check upon that because it gave names of the Government officials involved in it. And this was a "coup" in Mexico against the Government. It was going to... - it had to do with the oil business... - didn't have to do with Scientology, but we had friends in the Mexican Government and I thought it might affect them so I gave them that, and debriefed to the CMO on all this. By the way I had also telexed to LRH and MSH this data on John Cole being in Clearwater, because I knew wherever that sucker was, there was always some CIA action following it up, or some kind of infiltration action. And also that we had important data on how to handle the elections in Clearwater and get our candidate elected, and so forth.

But the telexes were not forwarded through to LRH or MSH, although I'd been working for them for 15 years. They were stopped by the CMO and stopped by Jimmy Mulligan when they were sent over to the GO. And therefore, the next thing that came to me was... - I was being Comm-Ev'ed. Now why was I being Comm-Ev'ed? What crime? They didn't have one. They were just doing the Comm-Ev to "find out things". I said, "Well, I have just debriefed for 3 days now and my wife has debriefed for 3 days down there and she's also got pneumonia now from all the suppression and non-belief of people. Now what more do you want? We've already been through two Comm-Evs down there and you've canceled both of them. Now, what is the point of all this?" And they didn't have a point. All they wanted to do is Comm-EV me, and I found out really, that all they wanted to do was shoot me because I was getting too close to the truth. And the GO had told the CMO to get rid of me because I was "upsetting"... - you know, I was "hallucinating" and I was going crazy, and all that kind of stuff.

The CMO has no intelligence service. They have no idea of running a B-1. They have no idea of any kind of information gathering other than org stats and so on. And therefore they totally obeyed the GO, thought I was hallucinating, and Comm-Ev'ed me.

And they had to take the results up three times because the Committee wanted to let me off twice for following the "Vital Data" policy which is, "Whenever you have vital data, you report it up to Command. If you don't you are committing an overt." Well, that's what I was following. And anyway, the data still didn't get up to Command, by the way. You have to realize this, LRH didn't get it, neither did Mary Sue.

So the Committee finally... - this guy, Jay Okamoto, who was over the Committee of course, he was the HCO Area Sec,Convening Authority, he decided that I was to be shot very dead, and he did. And that was what you saw as the "out-security" and so on like that. The basic "out-security" was I finally got my wife to come up and be a witness at my Comm-EV and of course she didn't have "clearance" to come up there, so when I drove her in to be a witness at my Comm-EV - well then that was the out-security and I said, "Yes, now you have a crime, now you can shoot me." And so they did. Anyway, that was that. And I said, "Boy, I don't play this game anymore. I'm not going to Q & A with it. I'm going to go all the way to the top, get all these son-of-bitches hung. That's it."

So I went off, I got demoted down to PAC, and they "said" in the Comm-EV, which is an illegal Comm-EV by the way, all this stuff was removed. Rank, Kha-Khan, all of this kind of stuff gone, you see. So I'm now, though - I'm in a different game. I'm now playing the game of, "I'm going to clear up LRH's Church and he's not here or he's not in contact with me to help me out of this one, so I'm going to get out of it myself. And I'm going to do it right. I'm going to get all the evidence on these son-of-a-bitches and I'm going to put it to the right people and they're going to 'nail them'". So I did.

I went out to PAC and I had a nice job there as Design and Planning in the Estates Area. And since I was only an "AB", I could do anything I wanted really. And I went to the government buildings and I tried to get through to Mary Sue and I got data on various things on Mulligan. I got a whole debrief on him that I put into the files in HCO FOLO where I had a helpful terminal there named Marge Bryenton. She was the Ethics Officer in the PAC area. And I got all the data I could find there to Joe Lisa, who was an old Sea Org GO guy, and DGIUS.

And I started coming across new data. And the new data I came across was that there was another guy sitting in the L.A. area who was a big plant and his name was Alan Hubbert. And I'll tell you how that data came across: Because I ran into this girl who had gone out, several years back, with an FBI agent. He was not an American guy. He was an English guy who worked for the FBI. He was sort of like a "hired gun" sometimes.

And they had asked him to take part in a plot... and a part of an FBI operation... a clandestine one... to infiltrate the Church of Scientology. Since he was English, you see, it would be very obvious that he wasn't an American and not an FBI agent therefore. And they asked him to infiltrate the Church.

And he refused. He said, "I don't like to play those kind of games. I like to go after gun-runners and drug addicts and all thatkind of stuff." So they said "OK". So he didn't join it. But they took him out meanwhile to see the place where they were running it from.

And it was a building in Encino, California and they had a cover there as an Insurance Company, the Zenith Insurance Company. And he refused the deal, you know, he saw all the files they had on us, and all the stuff they'd stolen in 1977. He saw all that stuff. And he said, "They got tons of stuff on you." And he warned the girl. He didn't know at first she was a Scientologist, and when he found out he said, "You better get out of that thing honey". And she said, "Why?" And he said,"Well, because the FBI guys are doing a number on you. And I don't know if you're safe in there or not." So she said,"Why?" And he told her this story. And then he took her by the building and showed it to her. Now, she took all the data and went to this guy Alan Hubbert, who was AG Information Los Angeles at the time. This was about 1978, 79.

Anyway this girl who had the boy friend who was the FBI guy - his name was Ranson Justice. Now, he was English and he had worked for the MI6 guys in England and so on. But mainly he had to leave England because he had finally gotten involved in some kind of violent things and he had to come over to the U.S. And so he worked part time for the FBI. Anyway, he drove her by the place, showed her the building, then she said, "Well, would you come by and tell this to somebody in the Church? Because you know, freedom of religion and all stuff." And he said, " If they ever found out that I told anybody, man...they'd kill me". And she said, "Ah, come on now. Please." She finally prevailed on him.

And so he went over with her and they had a private meeting with Alan Hubbert. Told the story to him. And he listened. And then they went away. And then the girl came back to him the next day to say, "What's going to be done about it?" And he said, "Well, here." And he gave her the order that declared her PTS III, and he said, "I don't believe a word of it. That guy's lying." and so on like that.

And she was so shook up, she didn't know what to do. You know, she was just sort of sitting there dazed. She couldn't goto the Org. She was PTS III. She couldn't get out of it now, and so she went back home and she was just laying in bed with the lights out and thinking, "What the hell I just tried to help the Church. I just tried to give them some data. What happened,huh? What happened?"

And then all of a sudden she heard a knock on the door, and she didn't hear a car come up, and it was this guy Ranson. And he came in and she said, "I didn't hear your car, honey." And he said, "I can't come in a car, I can't come in here anymore. I gotta leave town." And she said, "Why?" He said, "There's a contract out on me." And she says, "What?" And he says,"Somebody spilled the beans. That guy we talked to or something had a pipeline to the FBI and they got a contract out on me. I'm to be shot. On sight, by any agent." And she said, "What!" He says, "Yeah, I told you it was a serious thing, honey. Anyway, I gotta go now." So he kissed her and all that and then he left, and she cried the rest of the night.

And then she went back to Alan Hubbert and tried to get it handled and told him what had happened. And he said, "Ah, it's all hallucination and bull-shit, and nobody's really doing anything." and so on like that and "Don't tell anybody about this. Or you will be declared Suppressive." So she went on like that for 6 months, thinking that she was under some kind of investigation or PTS trip, or Suppressive threat of declare. And suddenly she woke up and said, "Wait a minute. This is all bull-shit. I don't want anything to do with those ass-holes!"

And so she went out to open up some Field Scientology by herself. And she was working in different areas, and so on like that. And I don't prefer to give her name on the tape because she may be working in some area right now that are knocking out some SMERSH people. I've told her a lot of things that are happening and if you want to investigate anybody, investigate Alan Hubbert, and find out if that's true or not.

Any way, so I started looking at this guy Alan Hubbert and I suddenly realized there's this whole Black PR campaign going on in the PAC area against myself and my wife. And I traced it down... "Who told you this?" - "Who told you that?" -...They said we were "crazy", my wife was "PTS" or "SP" and I was "PTS", and I was "hallucinating". It was still going on. It was constant, constant, constant, even though Bob Thomas had been declared Suppressive years ago.

Now who was pushing this shit? Pushing it to the CMO. Pushing it to the Ethics Officer. Pushing it to everybody. See? So I went around and traced it back, traced it back, traced it back, and finally it ended up at Alan Hubbert's desk. He was the AGI out there. And the next thing you know, I'm writing up these reports on Alan Hubbert "He's sending out Black PR, I want to see him in a Comm-Ev tomorrow." and so on like that.

I started asking for these Comm-Evs, you see. To the Ethics Officer, to the AG, and so on like this. And everybody is scared. Now they're getting scared. People start getting scared. "Oh, we can't do that, no, on the GO, no, we can't do that. "I said, "I want a Comm-Ev right now. I want that son-of-a-bitch here. I want him on a meter. That son-of-a-bitch! I think he's a plant." They'd say, "Oh no, you can't say that!" I'd say, "I'm saying it. I want him in a Comm-Ev right now. We can prove it."

So anyway, I was doing that kind of thing. Pounding the table and all. Everybody left me alone. They left me totally alone. Nobody would even talk to me.

So the next thing you know, I go out and get on my bike one day with my wife and I find, when I get in a gas station before I go on the freeway - my tire is cut. All the way around. From one ear to the other. It's totally sliced with a knife. Very clean. All the way down, nearly to the tube, and the tube was already poking out in a big balloon.

If I had gone on the freeway, the thing would have flattened out and I might have gotten killed under a bunch of cars and trucks. So I find it and replace the tire and I know it was a knife cut. So I'm going to get my bike parked in front of the QM next time. This is really strange. It was a nice clean cut. It's not like some slash or something. It was a professionally done job. It was like all the way around the tire.

So I went back the next day and rode up to work early in the morning and some guys I knew from SU drive up and they say, "Oh, Capt. Bill, hey, you're out of the hospital, huh? You look alright! We heard about the big accident you had." I said, "What accident?" They said, "Oh, we heard you and your wife got hurt on the freeway in a motorcycle accident." I said, "Really? No shit. Who told you that?" They said, "Oh, we heard it from the courier. The courier came out to SU and heard it from the PAC area." Of course, now they had to believe it was all a lie, because I didn't have no accident.

So I went back and I grabbed the courier and I said, "Where did you get this from?" And he says, "Oh, I heard it from somebody in the CMO." So I went to the CMO and I talked with them and said, "Who did you hear this from? It didn't happen. Where did you hear it from?" So, they had heard it from this girl that "tells them things" from the GO. And this girl worked for Alan Hubbert.

So I went to find her and I found her in a cafe. My wife and I sat down across from her and we just pointed at her and I said, "You're going to be in a Comm-Ev. You've been lying about us, spreading false rumors about Scientologists." and soon like that. And she just dropped her knife and fork and started looking very "glazed" and "terror-eyed" and everything like that and she said,"I...uh...uh." I said, "You spread that rumor about the accident, didn't you. You know that Alan Hubbert had the tire slashed on my motorcycle. You know he tried to kill us, didn't you. You're in it for attempted murder and you're an accessory before the fact."

And she went, "Uh...uh..please! Please! I can't talk about it. Don't tell anybody!" I said, "Who ordered you to do that?" She said, "I can't tell you, it's GO business. I can't tell you!" And I said, "It's Alan Hubbert, isn't it?" She said, "uh...yes, yes, but don't tell him! Don't tell him! He'll kill me!" I said, "OK, I won't tell him."

So we left her there sort of slobbering into her...- she was a, you know, one of those GO hangers-on you know... - people that go and do Black PR for the GO.

So we went back over and I sat down with Dafna and we sat down there and wrote and typed up a whole bunch of reports on this whole thing and turned them over to the Ethics Officer in FOLO there, and sent copies up to the GO and to Fred Hare and anybody else we could think of, you see, and I said, "Now we want a Comm-Ev on this guy because now it is attempted murder."

And then, the next thing was that Jimmy Mulligan, "himself" right?... - now by the way I had been talking to Joe Lisa. I told Joe Lisa about this. He was the DGI United States and he knew the whole story. I told him the whole thing, my suspicions on Mulligan and now told him my suspicions on Alan Hubbert, and Lisa's getting cotton-mouthed and he can't even take it. He's scared. He's frightened, because these are his seniors. Not Hubbert, but Mulligan is his senior. And he's all cotton-mouthed and frightened and every thing like this, you know.

And I said, "Check it out. Check it out. Just go look." So he started looking. And he checked John Cole. And he found he was a CIA agent. And he found he had done this and that and he was trained in the "terror school", and he might have had something to do with this and that and the other thing, and he was totally "rabid" against the Church. And then he found out that Bob Thomas had put some stuff in my file in 1968 saying I was "hallucinating". And he checked on the psychiatrist in Beverly Hills. And he found out the guy did leave town. And the guy was in some kind of organization that they knew was a SMERSH organization, and he checked on the doctor in the County General Hospital and found out that was his name and the guy had left town that night. And he checked on this and that and he found that everything I was saying was TRUE.

All the way up the line. And all of a sudden, he was ordered off. He couldn't do it anymore. Mulligan told him. He was scared. He told me, "I can't do it anymore. I can't look anymore, I can't look anymore." I said, "Well, OK, you're chickenshit, man. That's all it is." He accepted it. He said, "Yeah, I don't wanna..." So said, "OK, I'll have to get that son-of-a-bitch myself." So I started trying to get hold of Mary Sue. And I got ahold of Mary Sue's auditor, that I knew was her secret auditor and her NOTS auditor. I got ahold of him and tried to get him to deliver a message. He was afraid to do it. He wouldn't do it. It was just a message to meet her, you know and talk to her. He wouldn't do it. He was afraid.

We went to Fred Hare's wedding and tried to talk to Jane. We figured Jane might want to do something about it, since she was lined up to go to jail. And Dafna went up, and I went up and Dafna said, "Jane, we have some important information for you about the GO" and so on like that. "We know some things are happening and we'd like to talk with you about them." and Jane went, "Oh...! That's a very touchy subject. I don't want to talk to you about" She was scared too.

So meanwhile I went back to this girl that had told me all about Ranson Justice and all this stuff, and I said, "Look, would you guys like to help me?" (Her and a couple of her friends, you see?) So I said, "Would you guys like to help me and let's handle this god damn thing ourselves. Let's go bust into the FBI place or at least surveil it and get a demonstration going out there and, you know, get the files back, and expose them to the press, because the GO's all chicken shit and they won't do anything about it." And she said, "Oh, well, yeah, we'd like to help you. Let's get Joe Lisa over here and try one more time."

So we got Joe Lisa over there and we told him all the things again, gave him tapes... - she gave him a tape recording of her whole story - ...and he was so frightened he had to drink a glass of water to be able to talk. And then he called her up the next day and told her that the FBI will "kill her and her friends" if they do what I had planned, which was to go out and harass them out at this place in Encino. The FBI will "kill" her and "they might take your life and all and then we'd have to declare you Suppressive." And he (Joe Lisa) told her that stuff. He was under the influence of Mulligan by this time.

And then when I went over to see them to find out what had happened, they all sat on the couch looking afraid, and they told me, "So we can't help you anymore Captain Bill, we're afraid. And we've decided...uh...that when we get up the Bridge a little more, maybe we'll be able to do something." They were all chicken shit. They were all shaking in their boots. And I called them all cowards right to their faces and they accepted that. And they knew it was true and they were cowards.

They wouldn't look. Joe Lisa wouldn't look. None of these people... they wouldn't look. They wouldn't do anything about it. I was telling them. These are the guys. Get them out of there. These are the evil guys. These are the agents of the Government. These are the enemy sitting right in your midst. And they wouldn't do anything about it. So I said, "I've got toget to Mary Sue or Ron. They are the only people that will have the...see, I'm an AB now, right? So, I'm gonna get these guys. I'm going to get them. So I'm going to get to Mary Sue."

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