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Scientology and Captain Bill Robertson - We Regret Our Error

And I said, "Well, I have been removed", and so on. And she said, "What! I don't remember that. It wasn't in the traffic". So she ran over to the LRH house just a hundred yards away, looked through the traffic, there was no such order. She came back and said, "That's a lie. Who told you that?"

And I said "This messenger here, her name is Cindy or something". And she went over and grabbed Cindy and asked her what she did and she said, "Oh, yeah, I thought it would be a good idea."

They checked into Cindy - these were some of the ones that the Boss had trained - they checked into Cindy and they found out she was an unhandled LSD case. She had about 20 or 30 trips of LSD and never handled and she was totally hallucinating all the time. Really hallucinating. And she thought she was a little "god", and she was running around "firing" everybody and saying it was LRH doing it and so on like this.

So they dismissed her, quickly. Sent her back to her mother. And I just wanted to show you that I was only a hundred yards away from the place where LRH actually lived, and I accepted an order that I thought was from LRH and it wasn't.

OK, now they will also write those down and give them to you, right? And they will type them up and sign them "R", and give them to you. And sometimes they ain't from LRH. I just want you to know that. 'Cause I've worked there for two years and if those kids have had LSD, they will do that sometimes, Just because they get a bit "Waugh, waugh, waugh" (Uppity). Now that's when LRH was there.

Now he's not at that location (SU) anymore, because the second location we got, got blown too. It was on television, for Christ's sake! and in the newspapers. So it's a totally blown location and he never moved there. He moved back to a nearby town. And then he moved from there. And he moved from the next place. And he moved from the next place.

So he was three steps AWAY from the SU area and the CMO by the time of 1980. That's 3 vias. And he left a messenger at each point to relay comm and to make sure the lines had enough "breaks" in them so that nobody could trace them down. He had courier set-ups and so on like that.

So anyway, in 1979 we got this new place and I was working on that and then the CMO was given the job of getting the whole of Scientology operating totally on Policy, and make sure every Org was operating and do an eval on each Org and so on. So most of the evals required missions, and at that time LRH was "close" to the lines, (in 79) he was only living a few miles away. And we did missions to all the Orgs.

I was then put on as Chief Missionaire, because I had most of the experience in missioning. And I did missions to Flag; St. Louis, FOLO WUS, St. Hill Castle, the Eval Unit, etc, etc. Now on these missions in 79, I started discovering... - you mostly know, you go on a mission and it's usually a down-stat, out ethics area and you find things. And you find things like somebody trying to be a plant, or you find somebody that's been PDH'ed, or something like that.

Well, I kept reporting these to the GO as you should and I kept reporting them to the GO and then I'd go on another mission and find out that in that place where I'd just done a mission, that nothing had happened to these guys. They never did remove them, they never cleaned them up, they never fixed them, they were still there! Some of them had even been promoted!

So I went to this guy Jimmy Mulligan, who was the highest "visible"... - 'cause Mary Sue was living in her own place then. You see, the Boss and her had to live in separate places because she was under surveillance by the Government all the time since she was "indicted" now, you see. And she had to live at a separate house in a different town. So I couldn't get to her. And that was a secret location. And the Boss was in a secret location.

And so I went to Mulligan, who was the highest intelligence terminal in the GO, he was the Controller's Committee for Intelligence. And I went to him, I said,"I want to talk to you". (This is in late 1979), I said, "I've been spotting these plants in the Organizations. I've been reporting them to the GO and the GO has done nothing about them. Why not?"

And he looked "Oh!" This had shocked him because it came from left field. I just met him in the hall there, you see, and he didn't have an answer ready. So he said "Ah...ah.., well.., if we ...if we... shoot them.., uh..uh..uh..,they might send in others and we don't know who they are."

I said, "That's a lie man. What are you giving me that bullshit for. Anybody can find a plant on a meter," I said, "That's a lie". So he said, "Oh well, yah, ..uh.., yes..,uh..., well it was Mary Sue's policy". And I knew that was a lie, too. Because I've done missions for Mary Sue and I know how she feels about plants. So he lied to me twice there.

And the next thing you know, he did a little 3rd party on me to the CMO and got me in a Comm-Ev. So that I "wouldn't remember", you see. But anyway, I remembered that. That he wouldn't do anything about this, and he was lying to me. I didn't know why at the time, but it later became apparent.

That was late 1979. In 1980, I kept doing missions and I kept going across those same damn plants, you know, sitting in there. There's one... - like that girl Debbie Mace out in the field. She was an agent provocateur, tried to get the Church in trouble, in every thing she was doing, she was reporting back to the FBI all the time and had all her contacts set up. Heber Jentzsch knows her, and he knows that she is a plant.

She did an agent provocateur trip on him and got him hung up in an attack on Scientology in the California State Assembly a couple of years back. And he had tried to get something done about her and nothing had happened.

And every person she'd audited... - (she's a field auditor) - and she kept trying to mince her way into the high security areas,and she offered to audit for the GO one time... - and everybody she audited went either out 2D or blew. So they finally had to fire her. Some of the good guys realized that she wasn't a good auditor. Anyway she kept mincing around and trying to get into Flag and audit execs down there and I caught her again auditing at Flag as a volunteer in auditing high-security people like Ken Urquhart, and so on like that.

And I got her the hell out of there and I reported her again to the GO. I said, "Get her the hell off your lines, man, she's this...- here's her records, here's her ethics records, go look up her file, it's in the ethics files down at Flag. You'll see the whole thing with her, man!"

And she was also responsible for out 2D liaisons in Columbia. She used to go down to Columbia and they had a few connections down there to the high officials down there to sleep with them - married Government officials and so on like that. It was all in the file. There's this whole report. Then I asked these guys at Flag GO to do something about her... and they didn't. Because they had to write up to get permission. Because she was from the L.A. field. And when they wrote up to L.A. of course... they said no.

Anyway in 1980 I'm still doing these missions, but I'm getting all of these various intel lines now starting to come together. 'Cause I'm moving all over the U. S. mostly and I started realizing that there was a little bit of some kind of criticism coming up, after this little Comm-Ev, which I got out of by using my Kha-Khan. Because the Boss had given me a Kha-Khan in 1976, I believe it was, or 75.

He said I was the most successful ship's Captain and Missionaire, and so on like that. So I used one of my Kha-Khan things and got out of that Comm-Ev.

And I was carrying on with these missions and since my wife Joan, (this was when I started doing these missions) while I was on one to England, she left and went back to Boston and she wouldn't come back. And she said that the CMO was not acknowledging her value to the Org, not letting her work and so on like that, and she wasn't getting any money and she was going to die if she didn't, so she went back to work and trying to straighten up her Social Security. That's what she said anyway. I don't know.

Perhaps she had other fish to fry or perhaps she had gotten... - she did get sick around that time, so she had to go to the Shaw Clinic. So perhaps something had happened to her there. Because in my investigation I found out that there was a person named Vicky Sammler, a Doctor, that was put into the Shaw Clinic to make sure that several Scientologists got a little PDH and drugging every now and then if they were top execs. And Vicky Sammler was the one that was using drugs,and so on, on Scientologists. And any Scientologists that's ever been to her will tell you she was a black thetan and she was up to no good.

But anyway, there is evidence that she's given drugs to Scientologists. Doesn't use Touch Assists. Doesn't use any LRH tech. I don't know why they kept her there except that probably the Government had some kind of threat over the rest of the people that worked there. Income tax, perhaps, who knows?

But anyway, the missions went on, and, oh, there's plenty stories, but let it suffice that I tried to get these people handled, that I found. Reporting them to the proper terminals and so on, and debriefing on them, and trying to get somebody to take responsibility for these plants.

After I'd turned them over to the GO, then nobody would handle them. So that's what you were supposed to do in those days. Now at that time, my wife had been gone for a year, so I decided to find another partner to do missions with.

And I proposed to this girl named Helga Wagner down at Flag, and she didn't want to marry me. She wanted to stay out on the outside and do PR stuff. And then I proposed to a girl named Linda, and the same thing. She had a kid and she couldn't come to SU, so she stayed down there at Flag.

And about this time I discovered that while I was doing this stuff, there was a fellow in the CMO there, in HCO, named Jay Okamoto, who was, privately, behind my back, writing telexes about my letters to these girls.

Of course he had to read the letters, you know, to do that, and there was a security thing there that they had to read letters to see if you were giving away the location, but since this was nothing to do with the location, he had no business doing anything with the letters.

But what he was doing was telexing to all the CMO units saying to not let, or to prevent these people from saying "Yes" tome. In other words they telexed about Linda, for instance, to Flag and he said "This is serious. Get Linda and take her over to the side and tell her to refuse Capt. Bill's proposal. We can't have this happen"... etc like this..., and I looked at these telexes. These are not Scientology telexes. They are agent telexes.

So I took one of these telexes, pasted it on a big sheet, and petitioned the CO CMO INT... - that was Dede Voegeding; that this guy is obviously some kind of other-intentioned. He's not a Scientologist. He's trying to destroy any 2D communications and I propose that he, first of all, be gotten off my lines. I don't want him as any kind of HCO terminal on my lines, and I don't want the Qual guy, who he was also informing, as any kind of Qual terminal on my lines, because these guys are 1.1.

And the CO CMO, Dede, an old LRH messenger said, "OK, yeah, yeah", and she approved that and she investigated them.And boy, they had to do some fast back-pedaling to make sure it was all, "Oh, it was just a mistake, blah, blah, blah, blah,blah, blah."

And they all went around, "Heh, heh", 1.1ing for a little bit.

And then on the next mission I went to Flag, I met Dafna and we hit it off pretty well, and I proposed to her and next thing you know, there was some more Okamoto telexes saying that, "She can never join the Sea Org. Don't let her in the Sea Org." and so on like this. And I found these telexes, and this time I realized - "Hey, wait a minute this guy is actually operating like an agent. He's actually saying that somebody can't come here, yet he is HCO and he is a recruiter. He's supposed to recruit for the CMO and Dafna was going to join and come to SU and work there."

And, at the same time, mysteriously, after I proposed to her, a Comm-EV got called on her at Flag. And she's a PUBLIC. So it was interesting.

So she wanted to go ahead and do this Comm-Ev, and I saw something else in this. I saw something that was getting a bit arbitrary here. So my three weeks annual leave was due, so I went off on the leave and I eloped with Dafna and married her.

Now, we did that, and then we went down to Flag, still on a three weeks leave, and got married at Flag in a big ceremony,and also I went down to be a character witness at her Comm-Ev.

She was supposed to have had something like "bad PR" in the community or something. And so I went to the community where she was supposed to have the "bad PR". I went with her to find out what they thought of her - and they all loved her. So that didn't work out, and I could testify that she didn't have "bad PR".

Anyway, I went up to the Comm-EV and I said to the Chairman, "Ok, we're ready for the Comm-Ev and I'm going to be the witness on the other side, for the plaintiff, and let's have it."

And then I found out that these guys have been calling witnesses while she wasn't present, they'd been calling witnesses without the interested party present, and they even asked ME to come in and testify without the interested party present!

And then I said, "That's it! You guys are fucking illegal. That's it!"

So, I telexed up to CMO, Dede again, and I said, "There's an illegal Comm-Ev going on down here on my wife. They're doing this and this and this. And I request it be canceled." It was. It was canceled immediately.

Another one was set up by the CMO, because apparently they still had some data or they didn't know what was going on...maybe? You think? Lets all be "reasonable" about this now. And by that time... there was supposed to be one by the CMO.It was picked out and they had a NOTS auditor on it and all kinds of important people, even Ken Urquhart was on it. And we went over to that one. And by this time Dafna and I had amassed a whole bunch of data. She had amassed a lot of data. I found out why she was being attacked. She had given all the data she knew about the Clearwater Mafia to the GO... and they had declared her PTS type III. Now, I knew the data about the Clearwater Mafia because LRH found it in 1976, and when I told her that, she went "Really?" "That's the same thing I found out! About the Fort Harrison and all this and the gambling and all?". I said, "Yeah, yeah, LRH knew that in 1976". She said, "Well, GO doesn't believe me now. And they're doing this and this and this..." I said, "Really, uh,uh, that's strange!". So we were going to have it all out with this Comm-EV,you see, and she had a whole pack of data and bunches of data, about 2 feet, 3 feet of data. And I had a whole bunch of data.

And we went to the Comm-EV and the Comm-EV said, "Well, how do you plead?" And we said, "Wait a minute. Have you read the data?" And they hadn't read the data. So we said, "Well, we suggest you adjourn until you read the data and you may not want to have a Comm-Ev on us. You may want to have one on a few GO Terminals we intend to call as witnesses. "And we said that to the Comm-EV and the next day the Comm-EV was canceled. This is the second Comm-EV that's canceled now.

So what I was doing... I was on a little mission here of my own, I was on my leave you see, and I was gonna get some Justice in around here, because I didn't like all this "Bull-shit Justice" they were pulling on us in early 1981.

So the next thing, you know, I get called back to SU out in California, and my leave is about up and I say: "Well, Ok, I'll do that." and I'm going to tell them everything about that now and get my wife in the Sea Org because it's not a girl friend now,it's not a proposal, it's a wife. OK, so I go back there full of beans and I debrief on all of this data that I found out about the plants. I debriefed on every thing I found out about the Clearwater suppression of the Church and the building down there. I debriefed on some data I had found out about John Cole. You remember John Cole? Page 64, Garrison's book. We saw him down in Clearwater there and he was overheard talking to a taxi-driver about "raiding" the Church in Clearwater and planning some actions against them. I reported that to the GO Flag there, and they checked it out. They interviewed the taxi-driver. He gave them a debrief on tape. It was all just as I said. Now that was Molly Bernstein (AG Flag at the time). The data is with Molly Bernstein. She has a whole tape on it done by me and a tape done by Dafna.

Anyway I went back to PAC. I debriefed to the HCO Exec Sec, Janadir Swanson, in the CMO there. And we also realized that from Dafna's data, that the Clearwater elections could be influenced. Because she was being asked by the pro-Scientology candidate to be the PR person to tell him what all the "buttons" were and how to best put the Church's point of view forth in Clearwater so that he could be elected. And the GO didn't want to hear about this. They didn't want the guy elected. He was pro-Scientology, by the way. So when I got back, I debriefed on all this and I said, "Something's wrong in the GO, there's too many plants around here."

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