The FreeZone And Negative Beings

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There is a definition of negative/positive that has been used as a categorization of people. Particularly it has been used about alien extra-terrestrials involving themselves in the affairs of this planet.

A negative being would be somebody who acts based on his own or his group's interests exclusively without regard for others.

A positive being would be somebody who acts based on the greatest good for all concerned, all dynamics.

This applies of course not only to aliens. It is a useful model for looking at people in general. And also, it gives some clues about pitfalls in spiritual development.

The negative behavior is based on the idea that you can make things right just by taking your own needs into consideration and going for what you want. You are of course closest to yourself and you can't expect anybody else to take care of you. You or your group can be full cause. Anybody else aren't you or your group so it is up to them to take care of their needs. In the mean time they are fair game when you work on your own purposes. You've got to fight for your rights and get what you want before anybody else screws you.

The positive way of looking at it would be that we are all theta. Anybody and anything around you is part of your dynamics. Any part of the universe is tied to any other part. If you don't take responsibility for the whole you will in the long run hurt yourself. One dynamic can't be enforced to the exclusion of all other. If you empower others and give others their power of choice it will benefit both you and them. You don't need to oppose anybody.1

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