Black Dianetics: How The CoS Uses It

The Church of Scientology Technical Dictionary, defines "Black Dianetics" as:

"BLACK DIANETICS, 1. hypnotism. (5109C17A) 2. unscrupulous groups and individuals have been practicing a form a Black Dianetics on their fellow man for centuries. They have not called it that but the results have been and are the same. There are those who, to control, resort to narcotics, suggestion, gossip, slander - the thousands of overt and covert ways that can be classified as Black Dianetics."

- (Scn Jour Iss 3G)

If you understand that, then I present the following two excerpts:

"The processes of Black Dianetics can be remedied by what might be called White Dianetics, in most cases. If any group desired to use the phenomena discovered in Dianetics to enslave an individual, a group, or a nation, its first step would be to place White Dianetics out of bounds, to illegalize its practice, and to condemn the tenets contained in it. To debar the general public practice of White Dianetics is to make possible a general unpublic practice of Black Dianetics."

- THE JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY, Issues 3-G, 4-G & 5-G , Published by The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc., "Danger: Black Dianetics!" by L. Ron Hubbard>


"Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many."

I think those two excerpts speak well for themselves.

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