Question For The Day: Why Does OSA Hide Behind Anonymous E-Mail Addresses?

Why does OSA hide behind anonymous e-mail addresses?1

We all know that nothing happens in the CoS without official approval. Lately, there has been a flood of activity on ARS by "anonymous" sources, obviously in the pay of the CoS.

I think that the following may help to understand why this occurs:


"Identity is such a liability and is so thoroughly MEST that individuality is really not possible in the presence of sharply defined identity. Reaching down into the sub-zero tone-scale, the thetan finds it expedient not only to mask his beingness, but to hide his identity with great thoroughness even from himself. This passion for non-identity is the spasm of clinging to the last shreds of individuality which would otherwise be lost. Thetans from some of the corps operating in space have thoroughly agreed to be amongst themselves completely black, the better to hide in the blackness of space. This blackness is found in the occluded case in many instances."

- SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008, by L. Ron Hubbard

My interpretation of this "scripture" is that hiding behind an anonymous e-mail address assists these CoS representatives in avoiding the fact of their own individuality. Robots do not have an identity - they have a job.

Are there any CoS posters on this ng that use their real name and real e-mail address? Will the real Scientologists please stand up and be counted. I, for one, would have much more repsect for you if you did.

Robots, take note:

" A management which will pervert or suppress a reality, no matter how "reasonable" the act seems, is acting in the direction of the destruction of a group. It is not what management thinks the group or the goal finder should know, it is what is true. A primary function of management is the discovery and publication, in the briefest form which will admit the whole force of the data, the reality of all existing circumstances, situations and personnel. A management which will hide data, even in the hope of sparing someone's feelings, is operating toward a decline of the group."
—THE DIANETIC AUDITOR'S BULLETIN: An Essay on Management, by L. Ron Hubbard:

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