Welcome To The Free Zone - Is It Fate?

This seems appropriate in the light of the discussion going on in the "Welcome to the Free Zone" thread.1

The whole idea of probable realities seems strange or esoteric because you are not used to following your own thought processes.

You shut them off any time they do not conform to current beliefs about the nature of the self, or about reality in general. The deepest meanings of probabilities lie, however, precisely in their psychological import.

You have become so hypnotized by a one-level kind of thought that anything else seems impractical. You concentrate upon those decisions that you make, and disregard the processes involved. This has been carried to an extreme, you see; Often you are so disconnected from those inner workings that your own decisions then appear to come from someplace else. You may be convinced that events happen to you, and are beyond your control, simply because you are so out of touch with yourself that you never catch the moments of your own decisions.

Then you feel as if you are the pawns of fate, and the idea of probable actions seems like the sheerest nonsense. Each event seems inevitable. If this attitude is carried to excessive lengths, then it even appears that you have no hand at all in the making of your own reality. You will always feel yourself a victim.

- The "Unknown" Reality, by Jane Roberts

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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