There he was on the rooftop, how could anyone, I should say, how could I have missed him before. That creature really created hell for this planet. First he came, we being a peaceful planet thought he also came in peace, but that was a terrible mistake, unforgivable in any way. Many have tried to right it but all have failed. That horrible creature took advantage of us. He lied and stole from us. Then before we knew what had happened he sent for others of his kind to destroy us and our civilization so they could live here. They used those terrible weapons, what a way to die, so horribly, so painfully, so slowly. Many were so frightened that they committed suicide because they knew there was no hope of living in peace again. They killed us day and night, our defense against them was our knowledge. We were a peaceful planet and because of our mistake we used no weapons of any kind, because of this we had to devise weapons, and we did.

At first they worked but we soon knew how worse our weapons were to theirs, so we destroyed all evidence of those weapons because we were afraid that if they ever had gotten hold of them, our entire planet would die. As it turned out our planet was already dying. Slowly, our race vanished until only a few of us were left. We tried to surrender, but they refused. We tried again, our last chance to save the last of our race, and as a result, they shot us down. Now, since I am the only one left, my wife, children, friends, all dead, I must carry out the last orders, to destroy our planet therefore not letting anyone know of our vast knowledge that has been stored in our library, and most of all, to destroy their planet so that their savage and barbarian race cannot live to continue their conquering destruction. That is why I've got to try to get around this creature on the rooftop and to get to the laboratory. I hope I can make it, good he is not looking, now to run for it.

"Hold it!, stop or I will shoot!"

Whew!, he just missed me. I better really step on it now because he will be following me mighty fast. Finally the laboratory. Now to get to the K-room. Oh no, the door is locked. I'll have to smash the door open. I hope I can get to it in time. Lucky for me it came open easily, now the switch. I think I hear someone coming.

"Hold it right there Buddy."

"You've come to our peaceful planet to destroy us. Now you and your barbarian race will pay for it. When I pull this switch, this planet will be destroyed, and also your primitive planet will collapse into dust. Earth will never live again to butcher planets like ours, to destroy in two weeks what it took us millions of years to accomplish."

"You will never have enough time to pull that switch, because I can shoot you a lot faster."

"One quick movement and this switch will be connected, you will never get me in time."

"You hope."


circa 1972

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