The Resistance

The resistance. Powerful against its opposition it awaits its day.

Jud was traveling through the space warp deciding just what it was he wanted to do. With time on his hands his choices seemed infinite yet very limited as well.

Jud background:
Physical makeup: Human.
Physical specifications: 5' 11", blond hair, blue eyes, 160 pounds. Jud has taken on the universal goal of elevation. His job is to track enturbulation, find its cause, nullify its source, and minimize its universal impact. In his spaceship Galileo Galilei along with his support crew, Jud travels the universe seeking and resolving enturbulation.

"Computer awareness!"

"That's me" responded the computer.

Computer background:
This on board computer was developed and created by Jud in one of his many long "await" status. Although Jud never gave it a "name" it certainly seemed to have a personality all of its own. Because mini-micro electronics were quite difficult to create outside of a permanent manufacturing site Jud discovered and developed an electronics based living tissue "computer". The details of this accomplishment were very spectacular. Living tissue, be it human, plant, or animal contain certain characteristics that electronics can never replicate. These characteristics all have something in common, awareness. The "brain" behind electronics is its inventor. The "brain" behind living tissue is its awareness. Whether it is a low intelligence or high intelligence awareness, it none-the-less interacts with its environment in one way or another.

Jud spent a good deal of time investigating this idea and was finally able to come up with a way to merge awareness with electronics and produce an almost sentient computer. Living matter as cells were taken from various types of tissue from selected humans, animals, and plants. Floating in separate life sustaining solutions, electronics were then introduced to the cells environment. Over a period of time the first rule of the universe fulfilled its goal, survive! Gradually cells were linked with other cells and an increase in logical awareness was obtained.

From this more electronics were introduced to achieve a temperate balance of input and output from all cells. Although each cell was selected for a particular characteristic, a harmonic arrangement was vital to its survival and usefulness. Again, a period of time was needed to merge and balance input to the "computer" so that each cell most suited to resolving the problem could handle its function efficiently. The output coming from the "computer" required balancing and merging with secondary solutions, and possible third solutions, to achieve the best overall "computed" solution. The most amount of time spent on this project was at this point.

Next came the human brain and computer brain hookup. This was completed by achieving a thought wave harmonic vibration between the two parts. Jud was able to find the harmonic relationship between his brain and the computer. This enabled him to "think" through problems with the massive amount of computing power of his "living computer".


"Define three possible sites of heavy enturbulation."

"Possible site number 1: Trialium."
"Possible site number 2: Har."
"Possible site number 3: Earth." "Details?"


"Har, the sixth planet of the Forensilum system has been in the process of a gradual takeover by the sector general Juphson. Current trends indicate that that takeover is no longer desired. Anticipated peak conflict in 1000 turnovers.


Turnover definition
A turnover is the amount of time an entity spends attached to a physical form. From this various time measurements are made. Since many sentient physical forms exist in the universe with their own survivability rates a common means of measurement was needed. Although a turnover can describe various survivability rates, it groups the entire universe within a time frame of reference. A turnover disregards individual time references and allows an overall picture of events, past, present, and future, to be made. On a universe viewpoint it allows massive inter-universe referencing.





"Earth, the third planet of the Galaxan system has been under varying control of three entities fighting for complete control. Residents are bombarded by controls of all three entities and are currently showing regressive behavior. Current trends indicate that a converging of all forces will create a backlash in less than two turnovers. Universal impact: five percent diffusion of concentrated intention with an eighty percent communicable rate. Minimum total impact: two turnovers. Maximum: 1000. Universal distortion rate: fifteen percent. Probability factor: 90.




"Trailium, first planet of the Kirot sub-system. Entity in question: Fralju. Misleading intentions. Fifty-four follow rate. Increasing at eleven percen per turnover. Conflict estimated in ten turnovers. Universal distortion rate at that time period: three percent. Probability factor: eighty five.



"Earth, three entities."

"Earth, entities Homar, Gerad, Farum. Background data Homar..."

"Ah, so we see our long time friend Farum is at it again. Summary operation."

"All entities are using direct entity enturbulation. Symptoms: disorientation, mass goal conversion. Success rate: seventy percent.



Farum Background

The entity Farum has long been familiar to Jud. Farum became enturbulated at his own request by his own hand. His goal is to enturbulate all others so that he has company of his own kind. The goal of the universe is to elevate. Farum's goal is to overpower and hold back others from elevation. From time to time he has been very successful in this, but his failures has been even greater. Jud has been able keep track of Farum and his various methods of control. When Jud has defeated Farum it then usually takes Farum quite a while to regain his confidence and to reappear doing his best work - enturbulation. This battle has been a long time battle with varying degrees of success. For Jud its has become almost a game, with Farum it has become a game as well - but with more devastating consequences.


"Crew meeting in five minutes."

"Understood. Computer out."

                     *    *    *


Streaking toward Earth the Galileo Galilei was preparing for another encounter with the entity Farum. Jud and most of his crew sealed themselves in their actualization capsules.


Actualization capsule
A glass coffin like enclosure where the physical body is suspended in time allowing the entity to break free and pursue other goals. Actualization was the term used for the entity being able to suspend his body and actualize other non-body actions. This could include taking residence with another body. In this process the entity loses a partial awareness. This partial awareness is not really lost, but it takes a vague background position. The entity upon assuming another body takes as well many laws that go along with it. This of course depends upon where in the universe the body is assumed. Some places in the universe allow an entity to have his past life experience always available to him, in other places past life experiences are not allowed. This is but one example of applicable laws. An entity during actualization, in order to invade undetected, anothers territory, must follow most if not all applicable local laws. Rule number one: change must be made from within, never without. Although the entity in question 'forgets' his pre-actualization existence, the background awareness does not and often becomes the 'guiding light' from within. It is there that the basic goals are followed no matter what the local conditions.


"Computer awareness!"

"That's me!" responded the computer.

"Rebirth in one Earth turnover. Merge all systems with master control upon complete actualization. Switch all local systems to Kardum"

"Acknowledged, computer out."

"Knock 'em dead down there Jud." said the crew member Kardum.

"Thanks. You're in charge now. Standing order of notification of variances is still is effect."

"Got it. Don't worry Jud, I know my responsibilities, and I haven't let you down yet have I?" asked Kardum.

"No, but I also know that with time you sometimes waver. Let's work on that some more this time around. I've prepared some special study tapes for you, so spend some time with them and make them your own."

"Ok. I'll do that. I know that some thing still exists there about time and intention.


The word 'there' in this context means the individual universe of Kardum. Kardum is describing to Jud that during times of long wait his intention or ability to stick with selected goals, diminishes during that wait. A problem exists within his universe to make this so.


"Some how I seem to always feel it more during times like these. I'm going to work on the scanner some more too. Do I have your consent?"

"You bet. You're in charge now so do what you feel is best, just remember those study tapes. They'll help that concern of yours."

"Ok, climb in and I'll get this sucker fired up." said Kardum.

Jud climb into the actualization capsule and laid down. As Kardum closed and sealed the lid and initiated the capsule, Jud began to relax. The scented mist began to fill the capsule. The electrical bombardment then began and the body of Jud was no longer connected to the entity of Jud.

                          *    *    *

Before leaving for Earth Jud checked all the connections to his 'body' to make sure that all was working properly. After satisfying himself that all was in proper order in what was no longer 'there' anymore. 'There' now became the spaces around the planet in question. Planet Earth.

Looking down from the space above Earth Jud examined all parts of the Earth for concentrated areas of enturbulation, free areas of enturbulation, and all areas in-between. Also noting where Farum had his base, both in the physical world as well as the entity or spirit world. Next Jud turned his attention away from Earth to perceive all surrounding points of view. This renewed his sense of Earths place in the universe as well as his own place in the universe in relation to the soon to be occupied planet. He would not get another chance during his stay to establish outside viewpoints such as this. For an moment Jud ->became<- the space around Earth and existed for all time. Then he became the world of Earth and felt the emotions of all of its inhabitants.

Regaining his own viewpoint Jud reviewed all physical 'human' lifeforms for the most appropriate match. During this moment Jud relayed various information via his actualization suspended body to the ships computer for future information and recall. Sensing that Kardum was moving in a beneficial direction as regards his study and that the rest of the crew, now on Earth, was appropriately placed, Jud descended into the world of third planet living in the Galaxan system.


                          *    *    *
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