There I Was

There I was just walking down the street, minding my own business, just looking around. Now don't forget, I wasn't bugging nobody, not a soul. Not me because I'm not that kind of guy. Well anyway, there I was, just me, and all of a sudden before I knew it somebody comes up behind me real quiet like and taps me on the shoulder. Man, I jumped so far I think I set a new worlds leaping record. I turned around so quick I think I scared that little green guy pretty bad. Where did he come from? Before I knew it he started to talk in some language I couldn't understand at all.

"Ol emun muk eel numer zek."

"Say what?"

"Fet ner minc ter nin eel nat."

"Man, you come over here, scare me half to death and you can't even talk right. When you get your teeth unstuck come and talk to me, until then, get lost buddy."

This is when I started to think. Hey, wait a minute, this green man isn't from this planet. Wow, he must be from some other planet, I can't wait to tell Beegee about this. I think I better play this by ear, no sense in being violent about this.

"Who are you?"

"Mugee foo call me nat ell."

"Oh, you want me to follow you. Okay, lead the way. I'll be right behind you."

This green creature sure is funny looking. I've never in all my born days seen a bonier head, and look at those arms, man are they long. Those feet are for the birds, matter of fact, they look just like bird feet. I shouldn't judge a book by its cover though. He can't even talk english. Where is this guy going anyway. He is going deeper and deeper into these woods. I wonder what he has hidden back here. I wonder if his spaceship is anything like them in those science fiction pictures. They sure have some crazy conceptions of space ships. Hey, there it is. Wow, that's some spaceship, small, but it sure looks powerful. If he leads me inside I wonder what I'll do. I don't think he will do me any harm, he doesn't look harmful. I might as well go through with it.

"Migee ell nat con zek."

"Sure, anything you say."

That's a funny looking ramp, boy does it slant up a lot. Look at all the lights inside this place, man, this is enough to get anyone blind. Hey, will you look at that, they are dimming.

"Fal zet nat migee."

I guess he wants me to sit down.

"Yeah, I might as well. Hey, where are you going?"

Look at all those dials over there. I wonder what he is doing.

"Now I can talk."

"What were you speaking before, I've never heard that language before."

"It is my native language from the planet I come from. I must have this piece of equipment in order to talk to you using the same language."

"Where are you from?"

"I come from Norcan. You have never heard of it because it is trillions of light years away from here. Our people are just exploring this part of the star system."

"Wow, that sure is a long way from here. What do you want with me?"

"Information, that is all. We come in peace. We have been sent here by a group of falcons. I think the proper word in english is scientists. We have come here to explore, to receive and give information of any nature, new or old."

"What I don't understand is why have you asked me to come here, of what use can I be?"

"We know that this planet has a mixed population of people who want to help mankind, and of people who are greedy and want to benefit none other but themselves. These people are threatening the very existence of this planet. We have been here on this planet just one earth day and you are the first human we have met who we think could be very useful to us. We know you are not greedy and selfish and that you would like to help mankind. We would like to get in touch with people who have a greater knowledge in all areas than other people so we may obtain useful information in our quest. In return we have been instructed to give these people certain information useful to them."

"Why can't you go directly to them, why use me?"

"Earth is not ready to receive visitors like us so we need someone to go to certain scientists and talk to them so we may have contact with them."

"If Earth is not ready for you, then how could Earth be ready for the information that you will give these people in return for their information?"

"The information that we will give them will not push your modern science centuries ahead. It will only help to solve modern problems that need to be solved now before they get out of hand."

"When I do get in touch with these people, if ever, how will I make them believe me, talk will do no good. I will need proof of your existence."

"We have thought of that."

"You keep talking about we, how many of you are on this ship?"

"Five to be exact. I will give you this box; inside you will find pictures of this craft, of our planet, and different galaxies. Also there is an Olpasonic which in english is something like what you would call a television set, but this device is much more compact and has a large screen. Here, this dial turns it on and off, that's all you will have to know about this. We will have a similar set on this craft. When you turn it on I will be on your screen, and you will be on my screen. We will also be able to talk through this machine. I want to talk to each scientist before I come in contact with them."

"What will I get out of this, what is in it for me?"

"You will have the benefit of helping mankind tremendously. Also you will receive a device that will grant you three wishes, and only three, after that it will melt into nothingness. While you hold this it will protect you from all harm. Before you leave I will give you this. The three wishes can only be granted after I leave this planet, and not before. What you wish will come true but one warning though, you must be careful in your decisions. This device is also very compact, it will fit around your neck at the end of a chain. If you lose it, all value will also be lost. Only you can decide what you will do with it. Anymore questions?"

No, not any I can think of. How will I know what people I am to go to?"

"You will receive a paper containing scientists names and addresses. These addresses are their home address, not where they work. Go there and talk to them."

"I am really glad I took a walk in the park today. I only have one problem though. I can't afford to travel from place to place. I can't hold my job and travel at the same time."

"We have thought of that and we have also found that diamonds are, on this planet, valuable. That is why we have made some. To be exact, our small quantity is worth in earth's main currency about four thousand dollars. Just cash these in and they should help you out for a while. When you need more contact me through the Olpasonic and I will send you more."

"That should last for a while anyway. Okay, great, what do I call you anyway?"

"My name is Valcon, a member of the Falcons."

"Good, my name is Ed. I'll get started right away. Oh, before I go, there is an old earth custom of shaking hands when meeting a good friend, or saying goodbye to a good friend. Valcon, may I shake your hand?"

"Yes, of course."

"It has certainly been a pleasure meeting you. I think I will always enjoy life knowing that someone cares. Until we meet again goodbye, and I'll keep in touch."

"Here are your materials. Goodbye Ed, and good luck."

That was some experience. Wow, I wonder what I'll wish with the three wishes I've got coming. Boy, do I have a lot of thinking to do, plenty of places to go, and people to see. I'll never forget this as long as I live. At long last I can help mankind and not just talk about it. Now I know someone up there cares, cares enough to go through a lot to help other people, and planets. Lets see now, the first name on this list is:

George Hackerman
114 Silver Road
Longview, California   94385


circa: 1972

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