Apollo Twelve was so far man's greatest achievement in space. From the beginning of time man wanted to reach out to the vast unknown of outer space and discover. To be able to reach out and touch the planets was a dream beyond compare. Then man accomplished the impossible, he reached out and touched the moon.

Man's yearning did not stop here. He still had to reach out and touch the stars. In 2007 he finally had the power to touch the stars. He used nuclear engines and reached the stars at a speed never imagined before. The power of the nucleus was at last found and was used for space flight and unhappily, war. Man built bigger and bigger ships, going past the stars and discovering wonders of life, and sometimes death, but always discovering. Man became more and more sophisticated. He found out more and more about his world, his universe, and his enemies.

As man wandered throughout the universe he found other organisms, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always finding. As he wandered through galaxy after galaxy he made friends, but most often he found enemies. The savageness of man never left him when he escaped the earths gravitational pull. Everywhere he went he had to fight to live. He tried building defenses and tried to stay in his own right, but a war would always start and man would have to build weapons for protection and survival. Soon everyone was fighting for their beliefs, and their homes. Great wars evolved and man finally reasoned that dooms day was soon to come. All lost hope, and hope itself was lost. Great nuclear bombs more devastating than ever before were dropped everywhere, and finally man was gone. Man progressed in all fields except one, his selfishness.

Who ever finds this, if any one manages to survive through this terrible war, analyze all your problems before making a decision, benefit from the mistakes we made. Live as God would want you to live, in peace, and in harmony.

"Think this will do it?"

"Yeah, I hope so. For their sake, I hope so."

"Hey, look over there, isn't that THEIR ship?"

"Good God, I think this is going to be the end for us. Its been nice knowing you. Thanks for everything."

"I hope I meet you in heaven if there is ------"


circa 1972

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