Airborne, Flying

Airborne, flying,
High above all else.
“Look down below,”
Cried the Keeper of the Wind,
“See the fools who glue themselves,
To the Earth.”
Below looked I,
And beheld all else.
Above and beyond,
As in a dream world,
Of my own choosing.
“Amazing,” laughed I,
“See the wooden,
Matchsticks walk,
So rigid and formed,
As of the Earth.”
Above me I happened to glance,
And there still, were others.
Wondered I aloud,
“They are as I,
Looking down below,
What is there above,
That cannot be gotten from below?”
Higher, higher, climbed I above,
Seeing and saying,
With glorious joy,
“Amazing, amazing,
There is still more above.
The more I rise,
The more there is,
To see below.”
And still yet,
I look above,
And see those same others,
Looking below.
“I will catch you yet!”
Yelled I to they.
“Hurry, hurry,
We are waiting.”
Came the reply.
Higher and higher,
And still higher yet.
Looking up I see all,
And looking below I see all.
“Welcome home my friend,
It is good to see you again.”
Came the voice of Love.
Within me my heart,
Burst with love and happiness.
It could no longer hold,
The expanse of all,
And be bound.
And so, as my heart burst,
I became a being with no heart.
I became what could not be held any longer.

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