"Enat, when will the Krevue become what all the rest have thought it to be?"

"In due time my son, in due time."

"But how long must we wait, isn't there something that we can do now?"

"We must wait and be patient, and continue to become what we know must be. The time is not right. Haste will do nothing for us. We must wait. So let us continue our lesson. Close your eyes and let your mind flow. Forget all worries and thoughts, feel the forces of life and absorb and understand whatever you can. The forces of life are the key to all that exists and will exist, and all that has been in the past. Let your mind see, hear, and feel, and think not of me or my voice, but of the life forces and remember always - it is the key to all."

"I'm trying Enat, but every time I leave my body and feel the life forces I see darkness and I become afraid."

"Do not be alarmed, darkness is the veil of life, for life to exist there must be death - so you shall see both sides , life and death. Do not attempt to enter the darkness of what you see, peer into it and look for the answer to your question - it will come to you."

"What will happen if I try to venture into the darkness?"

"Do not!, for it is there that the Comnor forces lie, to venture into it is to invite death and agony, you are too young to venture just yet, we will speak of this later. Now, try again, let your mind flow, do not look for an answer, just become accustomed to the feel of the life forces, do not venture into the darkness and do not be afraid I will be with you, for I am the Master and no harm will come to you. Leave your body and let your mind flow."

"Yes, I can see, it feels much more comforting that you are here. This is a new world - so strange yet so familiar."

"Seek an answer Eron, of what the Krevue are to become so that you may be satisfied that the time is not right for us to be useful to the world."

Eron, son of the Master of the Krevue, began his search for his answer. He was in a second world with a light mist shining all about him, and in the distance a dark forbidding gloom. This was one of the worlds that Enat was the master of. Standing there besides Eron in this strange new world was Enat, comforting, and yet he looked so different here that in the mortal world.

Slowly without realizing it Eron rose his arms up over his head and there before him, a vision of the future appeared. A great battle was being fought in an unknown place with strange beings...


circa 1982-1984

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