Power Terminals

Power Terminals exist outside of the universe and are designed to provide oneself with a sense of generated power sufficient to overcome the physical universe. Matter, as energy, generates a large amount of power and in relation to this a thetan can begin to feel subdued, drained, or of insufficient power to handle it. The answer to everyone's dream is the Power Terminal.

It not only provides huge amounts of generated power, but it is also self-perpetuating. Turn it on and never be without power, and all worry free!

A nice sales pitch, but what this machinery actually does is to reinforce the idea that the physical universe is much more powerful than you, as a being, are. As a natural result, it places a resistive point on your case, and according to some, resistive points are like gold.

The pattern that continually presents itself clearly demonstrates the case-effect principle, but this principle is usually applied completely opposite to what you may think. Everyone wants a carrot, so machinery is marketed to enable you perpetually grow carrots. Now you will have no need to obtain a carrot - you will be able to produce your own! What the marketers fail to mention, is that a carrot will never be produced by their machinery. What you actually get is the promise, and being the curious beings we are, we sit and wait for the grand effect to take place.

Sooner or later, someone is going to come your way and pass on a little secret. It just ain't gonna grow.

This begs the question - how long will a thetan wait for an effect? Basing a reply on the current state of the beings inhabiting this planet, I would say that eternity could come and go before some may realize the empty promise that they have accepted as their own, but I am digressing.

Power terminals are a poor substitute for your own abilities, and this applies to much more than this single piece of machinery. It also has little consequence whether that machinery which you discover to be the most case resistive is a Power Terminal or not. There WILL be something that is specific to you. If you find it, what unravels is one of your basic principles of existence in this universe, and possibly many others. This machinery exists outside of universes, times and games. It establishes your operating tendencies in all of those, and so exists totally separate from them.

Once this type of machinery is pinpointed, you will begin to notice the existence of other's machinery in the same vicinity. Leave them as you found them, with the exception of yours. Removing your own machinery becomes easy once you decide to have the awareness to do so.

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