Born Again

When we live, we die. When we die, we live. The cycle repeats itself and when the horses stop, we dizzily step off the platform and look back and say, "Wow! That was fun!." We find enjoyment in the experience an so seek another.

Auditing is like that, but with one big difference - you find something out about yourself.

Reading OT III, attempting to process OT VIII or even willfully exploring imagined implants and experiences, if these are undertaken before their time, even though you may gain something out of them, you will just as likely be rewarded with emptiness as well. You will most likely be rewarded with the emptiness of finding out something about yourself. The chance will have come and gone and left you none the wiser. This would be one of the positive benefits. You also stand the chance of becoming completely immersed within something in which you are completely ignorant of.

This is not to say that the above types of thoughts must be vehemently denied. That would be just as bad. The greater benefit would be had by allowing the wine to ferment naturally, each step in the process completely drained of it's benefits with the next process viewed with excitement and more importantly, with the knowledge of understanding.

You can't get through, much less even recognize, an implant when you can't even control your own thoughts and actions. Implants range in their severity and can be simple or amazingly complex and obtuse. There really is nothing spectacular about implants, their creation, effects and destruction but you cannot swim unless you first recognize what water is. The rest comes naturally. :-)

Being born again is a new chance in creating life as you want it to be created. You do not have to wait for a new body to be born again. All you have to do is have a desire for change, not for an imagined state of being, just a desire for a change from where you are now.

I don't advocate secrecy in any way. I also don't advocate the furtherance of ignorance. Find yourself a good teacher and you won't have time to think about learning secrets and unveiling 'hidden' messages and experiences. With the right auditor, the universe lays down at your feet. Your world is what you make it, how will you effect it today?

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