From Here To There

From 'here' to 'there', from 'I' to 'i' and from the third person to up close and personal, whatever the label, it all comes down to the same representation. These terms are employed by those who wish to make a statement about themselves. Whether it is said "From here, it looks like..." or "I think that..." matters little. The concept being entertained is the idea of representation. Many times, it comes down to the mantra of non-dualistic imaginings, in the hopes that blind devotion will lead to the place of Love. When this fails, policing actions are never far behind. By imposing 'correct' thinking hopes sail in the rewards which are fully expected. What it really comes down to is that we can never free ourselves by imposing our ideas of bliss upon others. Freedom starts at home.

Freedom from what? Freedom from ourselves.

Perhaps, if we listen closely enough, the communications we receive can impart their purpose without being colored by our own expectations and self-righteousness. If you listen closely enough with your Heart, you may even discover how alike it is to your very own thoughts, concepts and ideas. If God has a handle on this universe who are you to 'correct' those with whom He is in contact with? What reaches your ears and appears before your eyes is His expression of Joy. Do you feel the rush?

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