Breaking The Bonds Of Identification

Searching, we attach ourselves to the things we see, identifying ourselves to the objects that magically come before us in representation of the things we hold most dear. Dropping the logical sequence of events, we yearn for meaning only to be eternally disappointed in misinterpreting what lies before us. The name is not the thing, and the thing is not something which contains an existence separate and apart from us. We are the glue that binds.

Whether another is addressed in a perceived disrespectfull manner or not means little when the heart is being addressed. It is not the words and concepts, molded so primitively by their nature, that determines what is being said. Attachment brings about more attachment, the cycle can only end when the end is never reached. The imagination of desire enhances the urge to create whether that urge is demonstrated via an 'acceptable' communication or not. The message is clear, do you see yourself in the message in order release your chains of bondage, or to solidify them even further? The way out is through the door of opportunity, all you must do is open it.

Interpreting communication requires the application of ourselves. To the degree of application is to the degree of confusion that will arise. The Heart speaks, and listens otherwise. Satisfying the mind by delivering desire treats no one with the respect that they so 'justly' deserve. No one deserves respect and there is no one to deliver it. Who is there to fool but ourselves?

Communication, whatever the form and content, is shallow and lacking. It could never effectively transpose the Heart into experienced thought. In order to gain, you must lose. To lose yourself within communication is to gain confusion. To lose yourself within the Heart is to lose yourself forever. What better joy could be had than by taking personal what the Heart wishes you to hear? The question becomes: Are you listening?

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