Forbidden Fruit

There exists a time when all Life began to shine as individual components of something far greater than that small speck of thought, way in the back of the mind, that insistently calls for resolution. Circling, the thought never becomes vanquished in our life long endeavor to uncover the secrets of this, and every other, universe that exists and/or possibly could exit. The reason for this is that the key to understanding becomes the embodiment of ignorance. To seek is not to find, it merely presents itself as a viable solution. Or so it seems.

The end of the road marks the beginning of new territory, but it will always remain as the territory in which the feet are already firmly planted. Strange as it may seem, lifting one's feet off the ground is the only way of escaping the environment in which we place the entirety of our hopes and dreams. To rise above these means to lose ourselves to the comforts of our well being. In fact, the term 'well being' belies both.

Endlessly, we pace the road of existence never daring to turn our eyes toward heaven. Rising to the occasion destroys both yet remaining are the few who lead the way with sincerity. You WILL become enlightened! The hollowed call to arms reaches the deaf and remains.

The only way to enjoy the fruits of empowerment is by eating the forbidden fruit. Have you tasted yours?

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