Fragmented Structural Base

The Free Zone owes it's existence to the religion of Scientology. It bases it's purpose and drive on the idea of realizing our spiritual potential. What the FreeZone lacks is a definable cohesion.

Even though the Free Zone is the bastard child of the Church of Scientology, it has a life of it's own as well as a following of it's own. Over the years since 'the great divide' when the FreeZone first came into existence, it has grown both in numbers and in boldness. This boldness is demonstrated in the FreeZone's approach to the so-called 'official' organization. Please note that the Church of Scientology 'officially' administers the religion of Scientology. Please also note that it is officially recognized that L. Ron Hubbard was the sole originator and creator of the Scientology religion. With his passing, and by decree, the developmental aspects of both the Scientology religion and the organization have come to an end. No further growth is these areas are possible. This is contrary to the beliefs of those in the Free Zone.

The term "Free Zone" was coined by Captain Bill Robertson, an ex-communicated Scientologists of high ranking, to define a 'non-interference' zone where the religion of Scientology could be freely studied and practiced unencumbered by outside influences. According to Mr. Robertson, these so-called 'outside influences' have penetrated the Church of Scientology and therefore have perverted both it's teachings and purposes and as a consequence have made the Scientology religion ineffective and dangerous. Mr. Robertson turned his attention to creating a 'New Civilization game', to resolve this religious desecration.

The 'Free Zone' has come to describe a loose collection of like-minded individuals who wish to study and practice the religion of Scientology without interference. It is a place where the religion of Scientology can be studied, researched and applied in a safe environment.

All of this belies the fact that the Free Zone has no legs, so to speak, to stand on. There is no openly accepted organizational structure within which the Free Zone exists. Part of the reason for this is the fear of the organizational arm of the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology, as part of it's doctrine, actively seeks to destroy any organization that it may consider to be contrary to it's own purposes and goals. The Free Zone could safely be considered to fall within this classification.

This is not to say that a Free Zone 'power base' does not exist because it most certainly does, but overtly, the Church of Scientology would find it impossible to destroy, much less define. The side effect of this type of loose organization is that gaining access to it is next to impossible when coming from a structured and severely disciplined environment. On the other hand, letting go of structured thought patterns enables one to easily find and associate with like-minded students of the Scientology religion.

Can the Free Zone become ultimately successful in it's endeavor to independently exist as an organization devoted to the study and practice of the Scientology religion? Time will ultimately tell, but based upon the past growth of the Free Zone, it's future existence and influence will certainly become greater and greater. Even though it must currently exist and operate within the shadows of the Church of Scientology, it harbors greatness that a shadow could never contain.

Religious freedom is a term bantered about by many people and is used as a justification as to why one's religious should be accepted to the same degree as a mainstream religion is. When that term is eventually used to free others within the same religion, what then? What happens when the Free Zone becomes legally imbued with the right to openly and freely practice the Scientology religion? The Church of Scientology administers the Scientology religion based upon monetary exchange, for spiritual freedom. The Free Zone studies and practices the Scientology religion based solely upon spiritual freedom. Will the Free Zone become a competitor that must be eliminated based upon the bottom line or will true religious freedom be acknowledged and expressed?

My opinion is that the Free Zone will flourish and prosper and that based upon the inner spiritual drive of individuals within it, the Free Zone will fulfill the aims of Scientology against all odds. Whether it becomes the 'Reformed Church of Scientology' or remains a loose collection of like-minded individuals, the lessons learned on the road to freedom are never forgotten. The religion of Scientology was a gift to mankind. It still is.

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