A New Basic Understanding

NOTs, with it's roots in the one who was to wear the Tech Hat for this planet for the time period of 20 - 25 years, is a WRONG ITEM.

NOTs, or as now can be called Black Scientology, was created as part of a conspiracy to take LRH 'out of the game'. This conspiracy, after fulfilling it's compact, moved on to use the tools at it's disposal to enslave the rest of the planet. After all, with LRH out of the way, the planet becomes free and clear for the taking.

Mayo's creation was spawned, tested, and applied to LRH from the basis of driving him insane. That is the purpose of NOTs, to drive a thetan insane. This, of course, does not always happen, but it's secondary effects are just as pleasant to those who wish to dominate and enslave thetans and humans alike. Those secondary effects are quite apparent in the Church of Scientology, and outside of it as well.

LRH succumbed to the conspiracy which both took his life and his work. Those behind this nefarious scheme continue to use these methods against anyone else who stands in the way of preventing global enslavement. There are many reasons why the murder of LRH was not prevented and among them, it was used as a way for those of good heart, to come forward to assist LRH in his time of need.

No one did.

The implications of that are obvious.

The day that NOTs was successfully used to defeat LRH is the day that spawned the beginning of the 'FreeZone'. It also spawned the day when the Church of Scientology became a global enslaver's dream come true. It was like candy, voraciously devoured, and out of that hell storm, the empire crumbled.

And there was no one to save it.

Not David Mayo, who was entrusted with the safekeeping of the Tech. In fact, he assisted it's destruction. Not the Sea Org, entrusted with the integrity to get the job done. In fact, it willingly furthered the Enslaver's plan. Isn't it strange that in the time of need, there were no thetans 'big' enough to get the job done.

Today, there is plainly a battle going on. This battle rages quite heavily in the Theta Universe, and to a much smaller degree, in the Physical Universe. The murder of LRH didn't really accomplish much at all other than having an appearance 'go away' from one location, in one body. Anyone that has more than just a 'belief' in the philosophy of Scientology will know that this means almost nothing. You can't 'kill' a thetan. It's never been done and never will be done.

You CAN try to drive them mad though.

And it's called NOTs.

So the next time you hear of someone 'doing' NOTs remember how it was used as part of a conspiracy to make LRH 'go away'. NOTs is an INCORRECT item. You should know what that means by now.

CBR tried to fix this through his own efforts and knowingness that things were not the way they appeared. NOTs doesn't need to be fixed. It is an INCORRECT item. All data after 1976 should be viewed as being suspect. Be careful what you do and especially be careful as to who 'does it' to you.

The psychic war continues to rage, but it is a losing battle for the enslavers. They already know that what they at first thought was candy, has turned out to be deadly poison. And it's communicable. Theta is like that. It's contagious.

Our efforts at freeing this planet are far from over, but as milestone's are reached it is a cause for celebration. LRH's birthday celebration celebrates much more than body time, it celebrates the IDEA that thetans are more than the body they inhabit. It celebrates the IDEA that spiritual freedom is always at hand and that there are always other thetans around who will gladly join your battle in ensuring your spiritual victory over all universes.

A 'belief' in Scientology is required in order to gain a foothold against all odds. Those odds come in the shape and form of implanters and enslavers. They're called the 'bad guys', the one's that wear the 'black hats'. The overwhelming pressure of other-determinism can be stifling to a thetan. It can be especially difficult when it comes to clusters. But against all odds, when your 'belief' crosses over into reality, you will see that spiritual freedom is worth every drop of effort you've ever expended.

The spiritual nature of Scientology provides a pathway to realizing your own spiritual nature. NOTs won't take you there, but it will take you to places you may not have wanted to go. NOTs is predicated on the wrong idea of what auditing is and when you travel down a path that seems to take 'forever', realize this - you are not on THE path.

Luckily, there is no implant technology that has ever been used, or will ever be used, that cannot be undone with the technology of Scientology. Scientology is much more than a religious philosophy. It is a way of life.

And in the time of need, it is always there. No matter what.

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