Have a happy day

As a note of administration please don't take anything here seriously. Nothing here is meant to be solidified through your thinking or even your conceptualization. Rambling musings require an outlet and so here it is. A little corner of the Universe in which to express... whatever.

In proposition comes enticement. You are free to reject, nullify, accept or ignore that which lies before you. There are no rules of engagement.

There are no rules of engagement.

Have a happy day1.

  1. Addendum: 13 Nov 2023 001000

    Saying all that requires a bit more... understanding, at least from this end.

    We all travel upon the sands of 'time' for different reasons and different purposes. I tend to lay low because I am not of this world. Guests do not impinge upon the household but respectfully remain in the background. At least that is my interpretation. If I were to be given other directives I would happily follow.

    In progression we see Mankind move into particular directions. This is said as an observer not from within the structure and structures of that which is already clearly laid out for all to see. Of course few see it but that is not my concern. Overall movement and the push forward is. Sometimes we all need a kick to help get us in a continued movement ahead into an 'unknown' we may or may not accept or even realize. Most here have no clue but that is of little concern.

    As we all travel down this road together amazing things happen. I am not immune.

    Welcome to this side of reality. 

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