The Identical Nature Of Man

Identities are what make the world go 'round. We demonstrate our current identities each and every day in the hopes that these outward expressions of Ourselves will lead to the sensations which are inversely proportional to the fabricated complexities which we have somehow selected and which we presently call 'us'.

We create a problem for the explicit purpose of it's own resolution. The interesting part is that both the problem and the solution originate from the same 'place'. This small 'overlooked' datum is not only totally ignored but strenuously avoided to no ends.

The play on words makes this story and so many others, quite humorous. The different meanings, as always, can only be surmised based upon the current 'state' of 'mind'.

An identity is required for the participation in this dream in which we are all immersed. These identities are not the reason we are the way we are. This choice comes from That which created the dream and the dreamers. Looking out at the dream from the perspective of the dreamer will create the feeling of entrapment, but the only traps that exist are those which stem from our own 'cleverness'. How can this cleverness exist without the demonstration of such by those around us?

The deniability of other's identities, prohibits the understanding of our own.

Identities are a thing. Nothing more and nothing less. We are not the 'thing'. Being, or at least seeing, what lies beyond is the freedom which we so fervently seek. Why then, compose Life based upon your own individual Identity?

Expansion and contraction are terms that mean little other than within the scope of the mind. Minding one's own business secures our place within the dream. Will the last one out please turn off the lights.

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