Reflections of A Divine Nature

I am the way, the thought, the deed of all action and reaction. What exists is that embellishment called 'I'. Movement upon the surface of Life creates the depth and breath of the universe at large. Micro and macro cosmic endeavors exist purely for my selfish benefit. Among the pearls of wisdom lies the dormant and ever active aspect of survival. It is called none other than Living.

Where else can the Light shine forth other than in one's own living room of despair. Among the deep dark embers we call ourselves, the existence of loneliness creates the need for the effects of our impingement upon the living waters of our thoughts - and dreams. Sleepily we awaken to the depth of our soul and discover that the reflection ceases when it knows thy self. Even when an inkling of existence is experienced thoughts continue to roam but the wayward seeks it's stability of beingness.

Peace and solitude surrounds and encompasses our true love. There is no love and our seeking discovers discovery and leaves it at that. Killing for pleasure we ourselves die and become the beam in one's own eye. Life exceeds it's value and as for our own, we cease when we become.

Struggling to play we struggle no further than the thought. Action arises and withdraws along with the ebb and flow of time. All exists for our pleasure, have we surely died and gone to heaven? Behold your surroundings and let the indication become that heaven has never left us and all of our actions, thoughts, and deeds reflect the pure essence of our Father.

We struggle to struggle and gain the understanding of what that is. The beauty and grace with which we arise from remains no matter how we may think otherwise. We can never awaken to discover anything. All we can do is what we do which reflects the nature of the divine. Every expression, every thought, every deed is glorious in it's demonstration. Would God have it any other way?

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