Loving The World

The race is on to become free from the clutches of humanity with the ultimate prize going to those who are able to duplicate the efforts of those who have gone before. This ultimate prize of being one with the Self is nebulous and contradictory, but never-the-less an honorable one, but the idea of awakening is false as is the concept that once the Self is realized the person will be free for all time.

There is nothing to free anyone from and when this freedom is attained, there is nothing that says in the rule book that an individual could not do it all over gain. This can be a very scary thought for some.

The implication is that after many lifetimes of effort and diligence, the Self can be realized and Freedom will thereby be gained. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are where you are today because that is where you are. You are quite free to go and become 'realized', the same holds true in it's opposite conception. You could be 'realized' and become just like the rest of us living the dream. What about those who give themselves up in order that others may live?

The Wonder of Life is simply beyond conceptualized words to describe. Living the dream, there is nothing that prevents you from becoming 'realized', for you already are.

You Breathe the Breath of Life and in bodily form that others can see, feel and touch. The experience of You remains as always.

Coming back to release the prisoners of your own imagination resolves what problem? Shall you awaken your puppets to set them free or will the Grand Purpose of Life resolves it's own condition?

'Letting go' is more than just an idle philosopher's dream. With effort, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished, and always is.

To the ends of the known universe, and beyond, the Cycle of Life plays out it's script. Are you holding on while you are being taken for the ride of your life?

Searching for the deeper meaning of Life and Love is a natural byproduct of All That Is. It cannot be denied in much the same way that life and love cannot be denied. The experience of experience provide the adrenaline rush of excitement. What fun!

The fun never ends, as does the suffering. Reaching beyond the mask of deception, the purpose eludes the meaning of depth and breath. It is here for the asking! Reach, and you discover the undiscoverable as being incomparable to your storehouse of knowledge. 'Letting go' enacts it's own revenge.

Loving the World, He gave it Life. That Life is You and Me. I rejoice in the knowing and suffer in the emptiness of desire. The revenge of Justice blinds us all and binds us in Freedom.

'Realization' has already occurred, how else would you be here? Can you not just Love the World as He does? Selfish desires and achievable states of existence surely conceal the Love that already exists within and without. Freeing yourself is the ultimate egotistical devotion. Free no one instead. Seek no thing and do no deed. In reality, you are the puppet and it is your imagination that 'builds character'.

Leave Creation to God and hear His Call. You are His favorite, how could He ever forsake You? Leave your character at His feet and behold the Light of Your Light. It shines as His own.

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