Growing Up Can Be Hard To Do

No where can there be seen the image of oneself. We are not the things we perceive, at least this is the conceptual understanding we strive for. Wishing does make it so, and so we constantly wish that our dreams will become fulfilled and thereby enable us to gain our freedom through the complete acceptance of those dreams. Nothing dreams and nothing sleeps. Within this playing field anything is possible and nothing survives to see it through.

Based upon our understanding we develop a sense of perception quite limited and all encompassing. This perception becomes our world, both externally and internally. We immerse ourselves within these perceptions and play quite happily until the purpose of perception becomes undeniable. We are not what we appear to be, even though our enormous efforts are expended unceasingly to create the reality. Playing with our toys, we find comfort and enjoyment.

Growing up can be hard to do.

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