OverCome With Joy

Walking as I walk,
Watching the ever-lasting vista,
of Love and Life,
I see.

Beyond the depths of Truth,
Lies the Long Lost Love.
Embracing we become,
As One.

Seeking, we seek,
Searching for all time,
Condensing our thoughts,
In a single moment in time.

Breathing deeply, we sing,
Of the glorious nature,
Of all that is sacred,
which we call 'Ourselves'.

Everlasting, we die.

Awakening to brush,
the cobwebs of sleep,
Our Father calls Us.
I Am Here.

Nothing ends,
And all ceases to be.
Captured in the moment,
We Sing Our Praise.

Beauty and Grace,
Cradle Us as We sleep,
the Sleep.
Ever remaining Awake.

The Heart lives on,
To touch every tiny speck,
And knows...

Do you See?

Walking as I walk,
Leaving the steps,
So clearly marked.
In Passing, we become.

The Light of Your Eyes,
Blinds Us All.
Do you not See,
We are overcome with Joy!

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