I Am, Said The Duck

Said the duck to the shore,
"I shall swim and swim
and be upon you before
you know it."

Shore responds to duck,
"Swim with all thy might
and the banks of love
will surely embrace
thy presence."

So the duck swam.
All day and all night.
Still, the shore seemed
so very far away.

"Shore," said the duck,
"for all my might
I cannot reach you.
Please help me."

The shore remained
quiet and serene.

So the duck decided to
float and in this, too,
did he fail to reach
his destination.

Exhausted, from the efforts,
duck fell fast asleep and dreamed,
and in the dream
shore says to duck,
"Silly duck, have you not
felt the touch of my love.
Do not my banks surely
uphold thee?"

Startled, duck woke up
and found beneath the webbed feet
the bank of love so surely desired.

Seeing the duck, shore says,
"Shall we go for a swim today?"

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