Electro-Valence Deprivation-Perception

Being held in an electronic suspension, where the thetan cannot pull or push against the walls. This is for the benefit of being isolated so that the full effect of the external valence can be experienced.

The lure of this new experience is that one will be able to experience other thetan's experiences without actually having to go thru the same efforts of obtaining that experience. In other words - a freebie. Once the thetan is convinced that this is a really neat way of adding to his "experiential knowledge", he is then told what he must do in order to have a successful session.

In order for the session to be completely successful, because anything less will deprive you of the full effects, the thetan must be "isolated" and then he must simply sit back and enjoy the show.

The thetan, after jumping for joy at this new method of increasing his experiential knowledge, agrees to be sensory deprived and is placed in an electronic field. This field "suspends" the thetan whereby he will be unable to receive annonying outside influences. This field restricts the thetan and he is unable to pull or push against the walls of the room that he is placed in.

Once the thetan sees how he is completely unable to produce an external effect, and is unable to free himself, the show begins.

Electronic imagery is used to show the thetan how assuming another thetan's "valence" will enable him to fully experience that thetan's experiential knowledge. All at no cost of effort to himself!

It's a free show and the thetan eats it up. Meanwhile, several billion, or more, years later, the thetan realizes that he is still sitting in this electronic field, experiencing time from a valence assumption viewpoint.

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