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07 Jul 2006

Scientological Understanding

When the End of the Road is reached there is an unmistakable experiential happening which lays to rest all the mind altering tricks and traps of the Universe which are so conveniently left at one's feet. Grasping and clasping as is our indoctrinated nature, we come to be overwhelmed in significance, our own included. When the Universe comes to be shattered by the pure power of our own insight, nothing remains.

Perhaps there will be a return, perhaps not. In either case, this website continues to seemingly occupy this space, this corner of the Universe, for some purpose or purposes which may be best left to those who are unclear about such matters.

For the rest:

"Move along... Nothing to see here..."

12 Jul 2006

Act Locally, Think Existence

When I started Free Zone America a number of years ago I did it consciously with the thought in mind that this little adventure was to be restricted not only in time and space but locally as well. Using the nationalistic name of "America" created the obvious extension of others pushing the boundaries further and farther. One little corner of the universe can and does impact the totality but perhaps it is more appropriate in it's true form of the exact opposite. Surfing the wave, we either ride it or get left behind in the depths, swimming with the fishes.

By definition, the term Free Zone defines certain boundaries hence creating a local condition with terms and endearments. It's like starting up a new baseball team. Batters up!

Well Earthlings, there is life beyond our own imaginings and although the tool called Free Zone is just that, time moves on ahead as the dancers continue to dance as the beat changes melody and tune. Do you not hear it?

In leaving the Scrappers behind please realize that being stuck in one's game condition forever redefines "forever" as being endless. Yes, a thetan can and most times does, do something forever.

* YAWN *

The bottom line is this: have fun with The Free Zone. Do what you will with it and when you are done, please turn out the lights. In case you might not have noticed, there are not many left in the 'zone' anyway. They seem to have already left for greener pastures. For those that remain please feel free to do as you have done - forever! You do not have to turn out the lights nor do you have to realize something or anything at all. Just continue as you have continued unaltered and unchanged.

As for the rest, take note.

But if you were paying attention you would already have known that.

So here it is, in black and white.

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